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Amex Preferred Rewards Gold Card

Took an Amex Preferred Rewards Gold Card out a couple of months ago aiming to get 20,000 points by spending £2k in the first 3 months, which I would then exchange for a £100 Amazon gift voucher.

It's looking like I may fall a little short of the £2k target, so I'm wondering what "cash equivalent" purchases I can make on the card to make it up to £2k? I know that some "cash equivalent" purchases are not eligible for the points.

Are Tesco Gift Cards eligible? What about Amazon gift cards? Anything else?

Thanks in advance.


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    Tesco or Amazon gift cards are eligible, as are pretty much all gift cards purchased from similar retailers.

    Another option is to purchase Amex sterling travellers cheques directly from Amex - these come with a 1.5% fee, but can be paid into most bank accounts, so another option if you don't want the £ tied up in gift cards until they can be used. This counts as a purchase, and towards the spend target, but only where the TCs are purchased directly from Amex!
  • hello mate

    buy gift cards from ebay or sale/trade section on hotukdeals website.

    also i changed me points into nectar points and then doubled them with sainsburys offer and then returned the things i bought from them once the offer finished and got double amount in money. once you done this you can have £200 to spend on amazon or whteva you want.
  • mazdaq199mazdaq199 Forumite
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    Thanks for the ideas both of you. Mistakehappens - have sent you a PM.
  • I'll buy the 20,000 MR points off of you for £125 - that's £25 more than you'd get with the Amazon voucher.

    PM me if interested.
    Mortgage free for 5 months :T Then got another mortgage:rotfl:
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