Paving over a lawn?

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I've got an area of lawn in my back garden that's around 4 by 3 meters which I'm thinking about paving over.
There are soil areas to the side of the garden I can use for planting so I won't be left with a totally slabbed over space, and the lawn is pretty patchy and currently used as a communal toilet for all the neighbouring cats, so I think I'd get a lot more use out of it if I paved it over.

Am I right in thinking I would need to remove the turf, level the soil, spread a layer of sand over and then lay the slabs on top?
Is there anything I've missed?


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    Depends on how firm the soil is and how heavy use you want the patio to be. You may need to compact it and / or put down a sub base of agregate.
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    paving expert is the bible as far as im concerned

    you will need to use a subbase/803/20mm to dust/MOT type 1 (whatever its called where you live). 100mm ideally but 75mm is adequate for light use, level and compact with a whacker plate then lay your slabs on top. I prefer the mortar method than just laying on sand although the options for laying,pointing etc are endless

    Take your time and read through the site carefully and pickup some ideas

    I did a slightly bigger patio than yours a couple of years ago using the advice on the site and there is nothing moving that patio for a long time
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    What he said ^
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