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Hi all,
I'm a newbie so be gentle. :)

Does anyone know if there are any general legal terms for an Arrangement to Pay? i.e. does it have to be reviewed after a certain length of time?
I had a couple of AP's back in 2012, with Barclaycard and Capital One - both of these lenders agreed reduced payment and froze the interest but then contacted me 6 months later to check if I was still in the same financial situation (luckily I wasn't so I could end the AP's). I've got one with Santander dating back to 2012, but they've never contacted me to discuss or renegotiate terms - I was just wondering if that was typical.


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    Arrangements to Pay are usually subject to periodic review and the period is usually specified in the Arrangement.

    It is not uncommon for creditors to accept, in some cases, that full settlement is beyond a reasonable expectation and a one-off payment to settle may be offered or even the debt written off.

    This post has nothing to do with stoozing and, for future reference, is probably more appropriate to be on the Debt-Free Wannabe board.
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