2 Defaults for same debt!?

Hi there all

I have a Provident default from August 2015, The debt is still in dispute with on going complaints, however i have checked my credit file today and i have noticed a default on there which is new registered with Vanquis. This is the Provident default however on a letter i got it says Vanquis are now dealing with the debt.

Am i right in thinking they should not have this on my credit file twice? It doesn't seem fair, Its not 2 debts i have its ONE and they have registered it twice.

One shows Provident the other shows Vanquis, So just because its been passed on to Vanquis are they allowed to also register a default?


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    I had a default in 2010 for a Halifax CC and it was eventually passed on to 1st Credit, who are a debt collection agency. I recall back then, when it was first passed to the debt collection agency I had two entries for about a month or so, if memory serves me right. After a few weeks the Halifax entry disappeared. Sounds similar to your issues, credit files are updated every 4 - 6 weeks so if it's still on there dispute it as a duplicate.
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