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Pop Telecom Review . Do not use

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
I found out last week that my Nan had signed up with these people, here are the issues that I can see so far.. .I'm still investigating:

Higher call charges than BT (she paid £95 one month for a phone only... I use my home phone for work, broadband and TV and I've never paid more than £60)
She pays for an international bundle but is still being charged for international calls
Admin fee to leave
No formal complaints procedure.
A cost of 10p per ,minute to call their customer service
They wont fix a faulty line

I would avoid this company at all expense, they are very difficult to deal with, they arent competitive.

I would not use pop telecom they seem to be charlatans, who arent willing to help and seem to target older people.



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