Ways to save challenge 2016 | Round 1

This challenge aims to break outside of the little box
and to get you thinking about the ways you can save money.
Big or small actions – it doesn't matter as long as you are saving money.

The object of the challenge is to do one of the things on your list at least
once throughout the year in 2016.

To start:

  • Create a list of 50 or 100 things you can do to save money
  • Create a goal of how much you'd like to save – either by doing just this challenge or your total overall
  • Print it out or write it out and stick it somewhere you can see
  • Each time you do something either mark it off or tally it
  • Come back and tell us what you've done and how much you've saved towards your goal

You will get a challenge number when you join.
Please display it in your signature as it is easier for me to update you!

  • Big and small ways count. Another penny in your pocket is another small step forward to your goal!
  • You have freedom over the ways you choose as not everyone has the same lifestyles or situations as one another
  • This isn't a race to see who finishes their list first!
  • We don't give up or fail.
    If you haven't finished everything on your list,
    don't worry about it! There is chance next year if it really is something you want to complete but other than that jut look at the progress you have made & look at the things you've come up with yourself!
MarNSD 5/20 | EF 3-6m #27 & EF #179 £212.35 / £2,700 | FH: £20.00 / £10,000 | Car £51.66 / £200 | Xmas £0.00 / £100.00


    1. Buy in bulk
    2. use coupons
    3. put all loose change in a jar
    4. Turn off all electricity when not in use
    5. Wait for sales
    6. Don't buy just because it is in the sale
    7. Create a shopping list or a wish list then only purchase when there is 5+ items on there
    8. Eat out less than 3 times a month
    9. Have a movie night in
    10. Use sites like group-on for cheap deals if you'd like to go out
    11. Don't buy drinks when you are out - if you are out in a restaurant, ask for tap water
    12. Use the library for books, CDs, Films Etc...

    Being updated
    MarNSD 5/20 | EF 3-6m #27 & EF #179 £212.35 / £2,700 | FH: £20.00 / £10,000 | Car £51.66 / £200 | Xmas £0.00 / £100.00
  • positivelypunked
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    edited 4 January 2016 at 7:24PM
    W2S #1 - positivelypunked | 0/100 ways * £0.00/£1,000
    W2S #2 - black cat
    W2S #3 - mickey mouse
    W2S #4 - autumnleaves
    W2S #5 - chocolatelover93
    W2S #6 - rylee12
    MarNSD 5/20 | EF 3-6m #27 & EF #179 £212.35 / £2,700 | FH: £20.00 / £10,000 | Car £51.66 / £200 | Xmas £0.00 / £100.00
  • I'll join you! Back later with list...
  • AW thank you for joining!
    I will be updating the list above to help others as I go along :)
    I have added you to the list, Black Cat. Love the name btw!
    MarNSD 5/20 | EF 3-6m #27 & EF #179 £212.35 / £2,700 | FH: £20.00 / £10,000 | Car £51.66 / £200 | Xmas £0.00 / £100.00
  • mickey_mouse
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    Can I play ��

    1. Buy groceries, clothes etc when on offer/ in a sale
    2. Use coupons
    3. Save £2 coins in a sealed jar
    4. Collect roadkill
    5. Womble receipts etc
    6. Do competitions
    7. Turn electricity down when out
    8. Use showers at my gym
    9. If having drinks out drink tea as it is cheaper.
    10. Cook from scratch and not buy processed food ( cheaper and healthier)
    11 order tap water if eating out
    12 only eat out on special occasions
    13 use tesco club card points for meals out and RAC
    14 always use loyalty cards .
    15 park as far away as possible in car parks -more chance to find roadkill , receipts and also more exercise
    16 use cash back sites.
    17 use up toiletries before buying any new ones
    18 read the books I have before buying new ones
    19 use my own shopping bags
    20 declutter and sell unwanted items
    21 do car boots in the spring/summer

    Use up toiletries in 2020. 88
    Make £2020 in 2020. No 85. £1808.05/£2020
  • positivelypunked
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    edited 29 December 2015 at 10:02PM
    mickey mouse I added you to the list!
    Good luck everyone!!

    Here's my ways:
    1. Drink just water when I am out
    2. Take lunch to work / buy food that I can use throughout the week
    3. Have dates at home
    4. Use cash not card
    5. Save all loose change
    6. Put money into my savings each and every month
    7. LEAVE MONEY in my bank savings
    8. Use free ATMs
    9. Limit ATM useage - once every 2 weeks
    10. Don't use ATM that charge. EVER.
    11. Don't go over phone bill
    12. Only go shopping when I have 5+ things on the list
    13. Be honest & say "no" when I can't afford things
    14. Check "checking account" regularly
    15. Use vouchers
    16. Only put into works birthday/leaving fund only if I talk to them
    17. Stop buying bottled water / food
    18. Attend to free events
    19. Sell unwanted things - decluttered
    20. Cash-only weekends
    21. Write down all expenses / keep track of all accounts
    22. Brush teeth everyday
    23. Use free wi-fi
    24. Create a £5.00 jar
    25. Put in £1.00 for every NSD
    26. Create accountability
    27. No drinking coffee from other places that aren't starbucks
    28. Don't eat out / Once monthly (apart from birthday meals)
    29. Cut back on what we have - No starters / pudding
    30. Eat smaller
    31. Go to the libary more
    32. Simplify your wardrobe
    33. Buy second hand
    34. Look after items
    35. Create a budget & stick to it
    36. Put the price of the item I didn't buy into my savings account
    37. Only use reward cards
    38. Limit gifting
    39. Get healthier
    40. Buy online if it save money
    41. Put money in the bank for a good deed
    42. Have 2 weekends in
    43. Take coffee with me
    44. Read online
    45. Take out £100 for the whole month for luxuary / items I want
    46. Create a list of wants, needs and goals. Put it somewhere I can see
    47. Bring my own shopping bag - Move 5p into account each time
    48. Try & bag freebies when I can
    49. Do more free stuff as a couple / family ?
    50. Complete No Spend Days Challenges
    51. Have 3 NSDs a week
    52. Complete a yearly spend challenge
    53. Plan when I use ATMs
    54. If we are going out, go to places with happy hour
    55. Once a week, leave my purse at home
    56. Wait 30 days before buying myself something special
    57. Write it on a list, if i want it after 30 days buy it using cash
    58. Apply for the rail card & order train tickets online
    59. ONLY buy clothes if i really want them in the sale
    60. Find a money saving hobby
    61. Get up 15 minutes earlier to plan spends & to check everything has been paid/check accounts
    62. Have a finance day where I look at everything/check for vouchers etc..
    63. Fashion Spending Freeze
    64. Take extra sugar,ketchup etc...to use when out
    65. Sign up to lesiure places to see offers
    66. Ask for vouchers / needed items for birthdays & christmas
    67. Create a visual reminder of my goal
    68. Set alerts for end dates on coupons
    69. Set an automated amount of money to put into my account
    70. Buy presents months in advance
    71. Keep a list of people to buy for & gift ideas
    72. Put anything extra over £900 into bank
    73. check reviews
    74. Don't impulse buy
    75. Take the surveys on my receipts
    76. Seek opportunities to make more money
    77. Pinterest / blogger - follow useful boards
    78. Split costs on food / date nights with him (50% each)
    79. Compare prices
    80. Keep track of what I owe people & what people owe me (splitwise app)
    81. Check freecycle or online for free things / cheaper things
    82. Do 2 things to make extra money
    83. Swap items & clothes with my sister
    84. Follow retailers on facebook (chance for offers/give-a-ways)
    85. Go to carboots more
    86. Haggle at carboots
    87. Think about if an item I want is worth the time I've worked and the money
    88. Create a savings schedule
    89. CHECK how much CASH i have on me
    90. When at the doctors, ask if there are over the counter / cheaper meds
    91. Repair broken tings if possible
    92. Match the spends to how much to save (£3,00 coffee = £3 in savings)
    93. SAVE first , don't save what is left at the end of the month
    94. Take out £10 weekly and use for my emergency stash
    95. Have a holding pot so I don't dip into my savings
    96. Look for pennies on the floor & re-home them in my jar
    97. Look at how much I have saved on my receipts and stash away the saved amount in my savings
    98. Print out my wages and see if they are correct at the end of the month
    99. Use free services as much as I can (Free Apps, Free music players, Free software)
    100. Buy things that will last or has replay value
    101. Print out tickets if they are cheaper / look for cheaper tickets
      Bonus way
    102. Use ebay for cheap things
    103. Eat out only if deals
    104. Go on groupon for day-out & experience deals
    105. Share Netflix & now TV
    106. Download free apps,books,music
    107. Meal plan for packed lunches & snacks
    MarNSD 5/20 | EF 3-6m #27 & EF #179 £212.35 / £2,700 | FH: £20.00 / £10,000 | Car £51.66 / £200 | Xmas £0.00 / £100.00
  • 1. Transfer money to savings accounts on pay day.
    2. Check receipts and statements.
    3. Pay bills on time – DD for credit card full payment.
    4. Keep a spending diary.
    5. Set a budget and savings goals.
    6. Save £2 coins.
    7. Only buy clothes if my current ones are too big (trying to lose weight).
    8. Don’t buy jewellery – I don’t need any more!
    9. Relative cuts hair for free.
    10. Dye my own hair.
    11. Look in charity shops when something is needed. If not found…
    12. only buy in the sales, or when reduced or on special offer.
    13. Look for voucher codes and special offers online.
    14. Never pay for P&P.
    15. Drink tap water with ice when eating out (but I shouldn’t be eating out that often!).
    16. Drink the free filtered water at work.
    17. Always take my own lunch to work.
    18. Only go to the cinema with a voucher or two for one deal.
    19. Buy in bulk eg loo roll, cat food, toiletries.
    20. Read all my unread books before even thinking about bringing any more into the house.
    21. Only put free books on my Kindle.
    22. Watch all my DVDs before even thinking of adding any more to my birthday list.
    23. Watch films, TV etc on Amazon Prime.
    24. For new music, use Amazon Prime and YouTube – both free.
    25. Play board games with OH.
    26. Stay in! There’s plenty to read, watch, listen, play…
    27. Allocate a small amount of money as “pocket money” and keep a wish list.
    28. Keep a gift box throughout the year for small gifts eg scented candles in the sales.
    29. Use up the cards in my card box.
    30. Plan for Christmas 2016 – it’s coming!
    31. Save Nectar points, Tesco points etc for Christmas 2016.
    32. Save Costa points for summer holidays.
    33. Collect other relevant loyalty points – The Works, Iceland etc.
    34. Choose a magazine and then find a subscription offer – then don’t buy any other magazines!
    35. Always pick up roadkill (the cash variety!).
    36. Take advantage of yellow stickers.
    37. Make a menu plan for each week.
    38. Cook as many meals as possible from scratch – batch cook for the freezer.
    39. Freeze all leftovers, however small and use for meals, snacks or work lunches.
    40. Eat less meat.
    41. Buy/eat fewer sweets/chocolate etc.
    42. Grow some vegetables or herbs in 2016.
    43. Drink more water at home – limit fizzy drink habit.
    44. Free exercise – walk, treadmill at home, use exercise DVDs.
    45. Keep as healthy as possible.
    46. Walk more.
    47. Maintain car and save regularly for upkeep and replacement.
    48. Turn lights etc off when not in use.
    49. Use tumble dryer rarely – dry outside or on airers.
    50. Keep heating low – wear layers indoors.
    51. Look after things and repair before replacing.
    52. Maintain the house and keep it clean – tackle jobs as soon as possible.
    53. Declutter and make the house a relaxing place to be – spend more time there.
    54. Reuse and recycle eg glass jars for storage.
    55. Never, ever pay for a plastic bag.
    56. Don’t despise freebies eg pens etc.
    57. Read MSE and other forums/blogs for inspiration and to keep on track.
  • System
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    What a brilliant thread :beer:
    Can I join in please?

    1. Make a shopping list and stick to it
    2. Buy own brands or value brands
    3. Collect roadkill
    4. Use vouchers
    5. Continue coin jars for coppers and 5ps
    6. Save £2 coins
    7. Save 20p coins
    8. Feed Mr Bumble - the emergency fund more
    9. Womble more
    10. Cook from scratch daily
    11. Turn off all electrics when not in use
    12. Shop around more
    13. Do more surveys online
    14. Do click sites like neobux/ inbox pounds daily
    15. Enter more competitions
    16. Sell old & unwanted books
    17. Use sites like Groupon for treats
    18. Train OH to not fill the kettle for only 1/2 cups of tea!:o
    19. Put more layers on to save on using the gas heater
    20. Recycle old cards into gift tags
    21. Use up leftovers into more meals
    22. Buy all meat from the local wholesaler who has a public counter :T
    23. Look out for yellow stickers more
    24. Look for a cheaper hairdresser - currently it costs me £20
    25. Only by shampoo/conditioner when on offer
    26. Bulk out meals with more veggies
    27. Make more soups
    28. Keep an eye on electric for cheaper deals
    29. Never use plastic bags at the supermarket
    30. Use cashback sites where possible
    31. Always check cupboards before buying flour - found 2 unopened the other day
    32. Check the freepostcodelottery daily
    33. Always look for free parking in town
    34. Try selling clothes to the clothes for cash people
    35. Consider if it's worth saving old cans to take to the scrap metal people
    36. Only buy candles when on offer and I'm about to run out
    37. Always use loyalty cards to collect points
    38. Use my craft supplies to make cards
    39. Train OH to realise we don't need a new DVD to watch every week, even if it is 'only £3'
    40. Cut back on chocolate
    41. Look in the freezer as a first port for dinner
    42. Limit fish and chips
    43. Bulk buy spices
    44. Return to my foraging ways
    45. Order more of our favourite beer online rather than go to the pub - 5th of the price
    46. Make more of a go of my MLM business to up the income levels
    47. Walk into town more instead of driving
    48. Keep my gift box going and a record of who's getting what
    49. Use cash more than card when out
    50. When popping to the shop just for milk DO NOT PICK UP A BASKET!!
  • Can I join please? Will post a list in the next few days :D
    Read my diaryHere :)
  • 58. Make full use of Nespresso machine – cheaper than Costa!
    59. Charge work tablet and phone at work.
    60. Buy more basics brands.
    61. Recycle this year’s Christmas cards (although I already have hundreds!).
    62. Meals don’t have to end with pudding!
    63. Eat more vegetables.
    64. Polish shoes/boots regularly.
    65. Patch jeans.
    66. Use up knitting wool – as hobby and for presents.
    67. Empty freezer and cupboards regularly – save a week’s shopping budget.
    68. Keep inventory of freezer.
    69. Never throw food away.
    70. Keep list of things to look out for in charity shops or sales.
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