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Reconnect landline with previous number

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Hi all,

I just wanted to know if anyone has moved and then been able to keep the previous phone number?

Basically the house I am now renting was with BT previously. I Had EE broadband and phone and am in a contract so had to stick with them and bring them to my new home. I originally asked to transfer my previous landline number and it should all be connected tomorrow.

My problem is I need to have the previous tenants phone number due to reasons that would be too complicated to explain!

Does anyone know if this is possible? I have tried EE customer services but they were not at all helpful.

Thanks in advance,



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    I'll be very surprised if they can accommodate you, since you initially asked to transfer your previous landline number and your installation date is tomorrow. The old tenant's number may be already allocated elsewhere.
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    It isn't allocated yet as when I ring it, it says number not in use.
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    Is it possible ?, yes, can you get them to do it, maybe, will it be chargeable, probably.
    The previous occupants number will now be spare , unless they took the number with them to wherever they moved to, you need to ask EE for a renumber, from the number you are bringing from your old address, to the number you now want (BT consumer, I think, charge about £38 for this, no idea what EE would charge, )
    A lot will depend on the EE customer service rep you speak to, they may just say it's impossible, because that is the easiest thing for them
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