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Quick question folks, I am a carer for a relative who has in the last week had a letter stated he was going to be assessed. He does not even have a face to face appointment with his GP, only a telephone consultations. Suffers from acute anxiety self- harms and cannot cope with people who he does not know. He has reacted very badly to this letter and has physically lashed out against himself. What advice can you all give in regards to try and spare him going through any face to face assessment, even with help. Read they can make paper based assessments. He isn't physically nor mentally capable of dealing with a face to face. He also suffers from extreme medical phobia.

Any advice you can give would help.


  • Have you tried phoning them and explaining? it might not help but what are the other options!? if you don't ask you don't gert..

    Doesn't he have a carer who he really trusts and enjoys the company of? that is normally a good way to get him to go by rotating him on with them..

    I think rotating him on with a female staff member means he would probably be less aggressive as opposed to another male where certain male clients can feel challenged..
  • I dont know if its true but I did hear that you can ask for a home assessment.
  • You can ring and ask for a home assessment, see if you can get their GP to back their need for one, you will be allowed to sit in on any assessments. Try to send in as much medical evidence as possible from consultants/gp's/medical professionals/hospitals, get them to keep a diary on how their condition effects them
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