Care at home costs

My mother has been recently diagnosed with dementia. She has been referred to social services who have assessed her needs. It has been decided that she will need a visit in the morning and the evening to help her with her medication that she takes for diabetes.
She does not own her own home ( renting from local authority ) and is on a fairly low income. She does have savings of approx £17,000.
Will she have to fund her care?
Many thanks in advance


  • Savings are below the threshold, therefore she will be assessed on her income as to what if anything she should contribute towards the cost of her care. I would imagine that the local authority will have a financial assessment team who you will be able to phone and ask them to give you an idea of how much she will be charged. Have all your mothers financial details with you when you phone. The social worker should be able to give you the phone number of the financial assessment team.
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