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2016 mfw

edited 3 July 2016 at 8:56AM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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  • emgemg Forumite
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    I'd like to join this challenge this year for the first time. Is my target meant to be just for the over payments or include the normal payment too? I am going to aim for £3600 in over payments.
  • froddingtonfroddington Forumite
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    I'm in for 2016 - thanks Lomcevak for offering to run it again :T

    Please can I keep No. 3 and set a target of £3000?
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  • Can I please have #120 again and going for 10,000

    thank you for all the hard work you do Lomcevak

    Aim to be mortgage free by 2017
    MFW 2016 overpayments here we go again £10000
  • purplevamppurplevamp Forumite
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    Hi Lomcevak, can I join again please? I don't mind what number I have, I was #108 for 2015 if it makes it easier :D

    My total for the year will be £5,000 again.

    Good luck everyone and thanks again Lomcevak for all your hard work :T
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  • Going to try this again, hoping to remortgage to a MUCH better rate (2.19 instead of 5.19) so might actually make my target this year!
    #48 again if that's ok, target of £5,000

    Happy new year and thanks for all the hard work x
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    stewbystewby Forumite
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    edited 31 December 2015 at 12:48AM
    Hi there.

    Would love to join your thread if possible (especially seeing that it can be smaller amounts which is just ideal for me).

    Rightio... between the mortgage and overpayments, I should pay off £6,493.20 so will aim for £6600. That doesn't seem masses over my overpayment but I tend to be a bit close to the wire normally.

    If no-one else wants it, could I have number 8 please.
    Failing that, just any even number (have a weird thing about odd numbers, sorry).

    To summarise cause this is quite a big post.
    Yes please, number 8 if possible, target £6600.

    Thank you very very much.
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  • £13000 for me please - might need to edit when I get the figure I can repay up to from the bank on Saturday.

    Thanks for doing this again.
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  • 5erge5erge Forumite
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    Can I join.

    Approx 55k left on our mortgage. 2.89% fixed till May 2016, I have a Lloyd's 5% account maturing then so will chuck a further 3k at the mortgage, I also have a campervan I'm selling in Spring so will take 2k out of that pot so at remortgage time I want to be under the 50k mark.

    Additional over-payments will spur me on, as will regular updates.


    £20/£348 5.7%
  • Could i join please.

    My overpayment target is £3,500.

    Thanks for organising this!

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  • Can I join again, please? We've had a setback, so goodness knows when I can start overpaying, or even if I can meet target, but I plan to aim for £3,000 this year. Please can I keep number 47?
    2016 MFW no. 47 £0/£3,000
    MFiT T4 no 26 Start bal £149,294, Current bal £149,294, Target bal £134,294
    Make £2,016 in 2016 £1180.55
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