Continuing Healthcare Funding in Devon

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With the disbanding of the NHS PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) the responsibility for administering NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) was passed to the CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups). CHC is available to people with severe and complex health needs and provides care funding in care homes and in peoples homes.
The CCG in North East and West Devon has introduced a policy limiting CHC care funding at home to no more than 110% of the equivalent care provision in a care home. This policy is perversely called "CCG Interim Choice Policy". The motor neorone society is extremely concerned about this as they believe it may be used to force MND suffers into care homes against their will.
Article here
Response to the policy here

CHC funding is supposed to be a national policy and is governed by the CHC National Framework document. This imposed policy in Devon is in my opinion contrary to the National Framework document and is being imposed simply as a cost saving measure.
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