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JSA A4E Work programme - need help



  • xylophone
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    Then please enlighten me as to what would be a realistic career aim.

    With your medical conditions, a role in Care would seem to be unsuitable.

    What skills/aptitudes do you have?
  • missbiggles1
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    ChrisA95 wrote: »
    "particularly as the OP seems to have unrealistic career aims"

    Then please enlighten me as to what would be a realistic career aim.

    I haven't attempted a claim for ESA due to failing a PIP claim. This is mainly due to the DWP ignoring further evidence provided in favour of agreeing to the info in the assessment report made by an assesor from ATOS. I could try making a claim, but I have little confidence of success and I am worried it could affect my HB.

    I've already commented about your suitability for a care/support role and you said yourself you have no qualifications or experience in admin.

    What general qualifications do you have and what work experience in anything?

    The criteria for claiming PIP are different from those for claiming ESA.
  • mro
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    ChrisA95 wrote: »

    Just finished my 1st week on the Work Programme run by PeoplePlus (aka A4E), and I already hate it. You are made to feel like a scrounger even if you have struggled to get work due to medical conditions, as if I am not already depressed with years of serious neglect at home, being taken by the local council into foster care and seriously struggling with college (dropped out 3 times due to severe anxiety). The problem is I have given them evidence of my medical conditions, yet they have placed me on a temporary 1 week work placement doing something unsuitable (Again because of medical conditions) without even consulting me. Can I refuse to do this on the basis of my medical conditions? It's really stressful because of my situation I just can't afford to lose my JSA.
    You need to start urgently complaining, make a complaint and make a complaint to Jobcentre, to get them to listen to you and deal with you in more sympathetic understanding way.

    There is something very wrong if they are sending you on a work placement in 1st week of Work Programme, when they clearly cannot know you.

    Are they fully aware of your medical conditions & previous circumstances.

    Find the manager of the office, district office/head office, find the complaints procedures, start to ramp it up.

    Making a complaint or speaking to a manager, can do wonders.
  • Londonsu
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    ChrisA95 wrote: »
    Well A4E want to some kind of heavy lifting hotel clearance job. My health problems are:

    Hypertension is the main problem, at rest it is about 130-150 while just walking for 5 minutes is enough to cause my BP to significantly rise to 160 even as high as 180 and that's despite taking medication. As a result I get extremely hot, sweaty, red-faced, tired, shortness of breath and get both mild and severe headaches. I use to see a pediatrician who would alway tell me to be careful because I liked running around and playing, he would tell me to make sure I had regular 30-40 minute breaks. My Hypertension is due to kidney scarring and I have bladder problems meaning I have to have a toilet nearby, especially as I take water tablets(diuretic). I also have Aspergers and Hypothyroidism, one of them, or both seem to affect my memory and concentration. I also don't like working in a team that much (again, mainly due to anxiety), I am not ashamed to call myself a bit of a loner.

    Well that's easily fixed, get a blood test and get your medication changed I have had it for twenty years its not an illness that's stops you working.
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