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Free case of wine with booking

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JPW2012JPW2012 Forumite
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Had this pop up on Facebook. High50 travel.

They're giving away a case of wine evertime you book? Anyone booked with them?

I called and all seems legit but curious.


  • Voyager2002Voyager2002 Forumite
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    Remember that Facebook adverts are completely unregulated, so criminals are free to drum up business there. (For example, that is where people see adverts for diet pills that are so dangerous that they are illegal throughout the EU.)
  • I didnt know FB ads were unregulated. I checked out the travel site. Seems this is part of LowCostHolidays just a different label. It's a good offer i tink and you do have to get it through naked wines. It's 6 bottles worth £65 so you get a code after you book.
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