Have you bought a Christmas TV Listings magazine?

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Which one have you got?

Long gone are the days of needing to buy both the TVTimes and The Radio Times.

I might get one tomorrow, just the Cheapest 'low end' guide that i can find, as from what i have read online, the Schedules are pretty dire! :eek:

I doubt i will be circling many shows to watch or record this year :(


  • I used to love the Christmas TV guides. Our parents would only get it at Christmas then me & my sisters would go through it & circle all the movies we wanted to watch or record. This was back when they actually had lots of decent things on over Christmas though. How times have changed, hundreds more channels but less good stuff to watch!

    And although the above makes me sound old, I'm really not lol
  • No we don't buy one these days - on the VM teevo box thingy there is a tv guide you can bring up that show you seven day listings
    With love, POSR <3
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    Bought the TV Times today. Part of my Christmas tradition, means Christmas is that little bit closer. No doubt I will circle loads of programmes and never get around to watching them.
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    No. Checking out the Tv is done on the Internet today
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  • Yes, I bought What's on TV for £1. My son has Down's Syndrome, and he loves looking through it. He reads the articles on Coronation Street, any programmes about animals, and the details of films that he wants to see. He writes numerous lists (his favourite thing to do!), and with the TV magazine, he has a new subject to write about - what he wants to watch, what mum wants to watch, what brother wants to watch..... You get the idea.

    It's very MSE for us, as the TV mag is a source of enjoyment to my son for a several hours. It's also educational, as he asks how to read a new word, or what a word means.
  • I usually get it, but not sure this year as I don't have a means of recording TV anymore :( and most movies aren't likely to be on demand either. I usually get it just for the ease it makes of listing the movies on each day on every channel. It means I don't have to go searching all the channels, every day for movies.
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    I bought TV Choice for £1.

    I find it easier to go through the listings day by day & highlight what I want to record, it's very rare that we watch stuff as it's broadcast.

    Then I use the 'Guide' on the TV to record the programmes over the next 7 days.

    Whover told you the schedules were dire was right - imho.
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    I'm part of the younger generation so I never buy these anymore. They are prehistoric. I can only imagine old baby boomers buying these. I used to love reading them as a kid, but this was before the likes of Sky Plus and Freeview. This was when i used to love watching Cartoon Network.

    TV is declining, soap audiences are declining, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are increasing in popularity, so TV guides are a thing of the past. Most things i watch are on Netflix.
  • Don't need one because I can just check online but we hardly ever watch T.V. so it will just be Netflix and films for us as normal. Don't see that there's anything worth watching this year. I'd rather just rent a couple of films I haven't seen.
  • I check online too, but I always like getting the Christmas Radio Times.
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