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I’m a class A twit and I’m going to spend 2016 sorting it out.

I made the mistake of feeling like I didn’t have a future which lead me to behave like I didn’t have one and now I fear I may have cocked up one.

A few years on everything has turned on its head and I’m the happiest I’ve been for over 10 years… the only issue is that I have a hangover from the bad times… and now I feel the past is in danger of destroying myfuture and I can’t let that happen.:(

Illness, job loss, a death and the end of relationship in the space of a few months tipped me over the edge..I was buying stuff and doing things to make myself feel better about myself, feel normal and fit in with thepeople around me so stupid :mad:… somehow I held on shuffling the accounts around borrowing off one to pay the other I don’t know I had the time or energy considering what a dark hole I was in but I scrapped through dragging my boulderof debt with me. :o

As it is today I don’t know how I got here really but I’m happy, I have a great job and fabulous OH and my future dreams seem to be almost within grasping distance… and then this month happened.. I had more money going out than I had going in.. my Boulder has become too heavy surprisinglyI only have 1 default in 2010 (about toroll off in March) and 3 missed payments from 2014.

My wonderful dreamy OH wants to move in together then end of next year but the guy doesn’t do debt, TOTALLY debt adverse - saw an overdraft figure one day on my current account and looked like he had just been hit by a bus :eek: (I think he has a hang up from a ex from a few years back)

I made the decision yesterday to do something about this. I don’t have any family really and I want to do my best to sort as much of this out asI can before the end of 2016 so If I have to sit him down the boulder isn’t asheavy as it is right now…. All £19k of it. :eek:

I’m going to have to miss some payments this month, yes they will be a big fat mark on my credit score but I figure anything to hold off the big fat Black D.

I’ve decided to focus on the unsecured debts for this at the moment, I have a secured loan but that’s behaving nicely and he knows about that one, I will turn my attention to thatone when these are dealt with.

CC1: £200

CC2: £500

CC3: £1000

Loan1: £500

Loan 2: £900

Loan 3: £375

Loan 4: £1500

OD: £800

Management Company £801

So here we go £ £6576 is my focus between now and October 2016. £597 a month will be needed.

Sooo. I think December I’m going to have to do a few lower than norm payments and accept the ear ache - I've got a cheque coming to me in March that will rectify a lot of this mess... it will screw my credit score but I figure I a couple of recorded missed payments in 2015 will be a lesser of problem this time next year if It’sgiven me breathing room the straighten up and everything is clear by the sametime.

I’ve done a few things today:

· Printed off my magpie paperwork £35 and they arecollecting Saturday

· Negotiated my sky TV down by £9 til the contractends in April

· Changed my direct debit for my electricity to£55, so £12 less for now but I will top it up when things are less dire

· Emailed my gym, I can’t cancel for another 5months, but the pool was closed for 3 weeks last month so I’ve asked for acredit to my membership, even if the give me £5 off next month that’s £5 towardsomething else.

· I’ve made a pile of ebay stuff I can put on

· Walked to and from the station saving £1.70

· Opened an Bounts account to get paid for walking(going to walk to the station everyday)

LBM: [STRIKE]£ 7235.49[/STRIKE] £ 5874.96 :j
( Focusing on Unsecured Debt First )
Capital One: £200 / Lumina:[STRIKE] £1000 [/STRIKE] £900.39/ Vanquis: £500 / Satsuma £550 / Whizz: £376 /
OD: 800 Very [STRIKE]£1500[/STRIKE] £1492.57/ 02: £[STRIKE]490[/STRIKE] £455 / MC: [STRIKE]£801 [/STRIKE]£601:money:
RIP: Mr Lender [STRIKE]£956.50[/STRIKE] £0.00 :money:
Payday UK [STRIKE]£61.99[/STRIKE] £0.00


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    Hey Twit01! You've posted this in the 'DFW Challenges' board by mistake instead of the 'DFW Diaries' board (which I'm assuming this is?) If you move it across, you should get a lot more people following your progress as there's some avid diary readers on here (me being one of them!).

    Good luck with your journey and I'm looking forward to rooting you on :D
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  • Twit01
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    oopS! Thanks!
    LBM: [STRIKE]£ 7235.49[/STRIKE] £ 5874.96 :j
    ( Focusing on Unsecured Debt First )
    Capital One: £200 / Lumina:[STRIKE] £1000 [/STRIKE] £900.39/ Vanquis: £500 / Satsuma £550 / Whizz: £376 /
    OD: 800 Very [STRIKE]£1500[/STRIKE] £1492.57/ 02: £[STRIKE]490[/STRIKE] £455 / MC: [STRIKE]£801 [/STRIKE]£601:money:
    RIP: Mr Lender [STRIKE]£956.50[/STRIKE] £0.00 :money:
    Payday UK [STRIKE]£61.99[/STRIKE] £0.00
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    Morning Campers

    So I took everyones advice and paid off the larger loan with the money my sister gave me, I’m so grateful to her, I know its because manymany moons ago I bailed her out financially in a big way but I guess it proves Karmadoes exist! I also feel better becausesomeone knows!

    I also realized that half of my problem is that I'm not following my debts closely enough, everything is a round about figure so I locked it down this week and now I know exactly were I am!
    Capital One: £200
    Lumina:[STRIKE] £1000 [/STRIKE]£900.39
    Vanquis: £500
    Satsuma £550
    Whizz: £376
    OD: 800
    Very £1500
    02: [STRIKE]£490 [/STRIKE] £450
    MC: [STRIKE]£801[/STRIKE] £601
    Mr Lender £0.00 :money:

    I get paid in 7 days and I've sent through this months payments - only leaves me with a £5 cash but I need to make a dent, I'm not going out between now and then, I have enough food and I should have £30 from Magpie shortly

    Actions today:
    • Paid off Mr Lender :T
    • Paid £200 to my management Company:T
    • Paid £35 of my O2 Loan :T
    • Paid £100 of mu Lumina Credit Card:T
    • Lunch from Home
    • Moved my Current account (yes I will need to pay the OD back but they are charging me more than I earn in Cashback now) For £18 I get 3% cash back on my DD £7 a month, Phone insurance Currently £10 a month, Travel insurance £5 a month, plus I can have a free £250 OD (which I will use as a safety net for now - I'm gonna pay of the other one as that's costing me £60 a month) plus you get cashback in my local Petrol Garage, New look, supermarkets.. etc.. all shops that I use a lot, it means in future if I do get caught short i'm not gonna end up paying massive amounts of interest

    It feels really good to know where I am and know I have a plan! Just praying I can keep it up!
    LBM: [STRIKE]£ 7235.49[/STRIKE] £ 5874.96 :j
    ( Focusing on Unsecured Debt First )
    Capital One: £200 / Lumina:[STRIKE] £1000 [/STRIKE] £900.39/ Vanquis: £500 / Satsuma £550 / Whizz: £376 /
    OD: 800 Very [STRIKE]£1500[/STRIKE] £1492.57/ 02: £[STRIKE]490[/STRIKE] £455 / MC: [STRIKE]£801 [/STRIKE]£601:money:
    RIP: Mr Lender [STRIKE]£956.50[/STRIKE] £0.00 :money:
    Payday UK [STRIKE]£61.99[/STRIKE] £0.00
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    Well done on confronting the problem and making a plan. I'm a bit confused as to why you need to default. Are you focusing on you highest rate first? Or smaller ones so you cut down on creditors quicker? X
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    Loan 2 £300/£5800
    Total £5500/£13800
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    Hi Twit01, not sure if you started a new thread somewhere? I'd like to follow your story and see how you get on! It's very good you have faced the issue, it's one of the biggest steps I think and I'm sure you can make it.
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