Aqua Plank flooring

Hi, I am buying my first house and want wooden floor throughout the ground floor including kitchen. Laminate doesnt seem suitable with the chance of spills etc. So I came across a few brands of water resistant floors. Aqua Plank, Aqua Step, Naturelle. These are click vinyls.
Has anyone had any experience with these types of floors? I want to keep the price down to <£25/m2.

Any input is appreciated.


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    Our daughter has LVT right through her ground floor, looks good and seems hardwearing.

    Hers is Heuga Smartwood which was something like £20/sq m about 3 years back.

    She did not want to disturb the skirtings so it is laid with a 2-3mm gap all round then sealed with silicone.

    The flooring itself is very stable, but, as this was a new house, over time the walls/skirtings have presumably shrunk as things dried and a few small gaps have appeared.

    These can easily be closed up by cutting the silicone seal and pulling the planks back together, then resealing the edge, but if this is a brand new house, if you can leave it unsealed until any shrinkage has finished, that would be better.

    We have also used it in our 27 year old, bone dry, house, in the utility room, laid exactly the same way, but on a chipboard floor, and have had no problem with gaps appearing.
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