Statute Barred Debt.

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Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to view my post and hopefully shed some light.

The reason for my post is, I racked up a fair bit of debt when I was younger (around 21) to cut a long story short I faced difficulties in paying and asked for help from my lenders at the time (personal loan, overdraft and a credit card) there was virtually no help on offer and I could just about cover my bills. This resulted in me missing payments for a number of months. I soon after moved house due to a new job. Around 3-4 months passed where I hadn't contacted any lenders and I just carried on with my life (I didn't notify anyone apart from my bank, car insurance and dvla of my address change) since then I have moved maybe 4 times.

Anyway, I now have a stable job and income which allows me to have some additional disposable income. Due to this I decided to check my credit file, almost all the debt is not showing, apart from some smaller amounts I had forgotten about (Vodafone and another small credit card) these smaller amounts add up to around £2100 which I can call and settle (they now seem to be with debt collection companies) in regards to the larger debts, after some research it appears they could be statute barred, it has been around 6.5 years since I last interacted with them, or made a payment (if not a little longer) this debt amounts to around £12,000. There are no CCJs on my account, nor when I run a search including all my addresses using Trust Online. So I am in a situation where I could start to pay money back, but I thought I'd seek some advice on here first.

As over 6 years has passed and no payments or written admittance has been given. Is this debt legally unenforceable? And if so, what should I do?

Thanks for any help/guidance that's on offer.



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    If you have registered "new details", the debt collectors will be in touch with you very shortly.
    I do Contracts, all day every day.
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    I'm aware I will be contacted. But that's not the advice I was looking for. What should I do after this? Thanks
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    If they are over 6 years then they are statute barred which means that you still owe them but they cannot legally enforce them.

    Forget them if they are not there and ignore any correspondence about them.
    Or you could of course send them a 'statute barred' letter.

    If you wish to pay the others, then ring them, offer them a full and final settlement figure Ie about 25% of the amount and see what they say.
    Don't pay anything though until you get there acceptance in writing.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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