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Lastminute.com - Top Secret Hotels REVEALED (London ONLY)



  • Blue264
    Blue264 Posts: 1,570 Forumite
    It's the Radisson Edwardian Sussex.

    Holiday hotels gave the same description along with the address...


    ...which matches the address for the Radisson. ;)



    This is like breaking the Da Vinci Code :D
  • Ellen123
    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it, since I tried but couldn't find it. You're terrific for finding and posting so quickly!
  • Ellen123
    I'm dismayed. I've just spent (hours, embarrassing) finding and checking every one of the secret hotels available for the date I want that is not too expensive. I've stayed once in a "secret hotel" and found it an amazing deal - the hotel was de luxe, right near Tower Bridge.

    Tonight, every one that was remotely reasonably priced had reviews on Trip Advisor that were beyond scary. Not just that the rooms were small, which might be expected - but every one had serious problems. Not just one bad review, but mostly all of them.

    Maybe they list the secret hotels only that can't get bookings unless people don't know?

    Looking for a decent hotel not much over 100 pounds, two rooms, singles, for New Year's Eve.

    Thanks! <dismayed> <I know that's not a lot, but they had 6 or 7 hotels under around 120 pounds>
  • Ellen123
    It says I thanked 0 times. This is not true! Look two entries above, please.

  • Paddy2eyes
    No Ellen, it thanked relates to how many times you have BEEN thanked. Have one from me!
  • Blue264
    Blue264 Posts: 1,570 Forumite
    Ellen123 wrote: »
    Tonight, every one that was remotely reasonably priced had reviews on Trip Advisor that were beyond scary. Not just that the rooms were small, which might be expected - but every one had serious problems. Not just one bad review, but mostly all of them.
    I've been slammed for this before, but I take trip advisor with a huge pinch of salt for the simple reason that everyone has different expectations of hotels. For all we know, the person giving the bad review could be the most obnoxious person around who was rude to the receptionist and would complain if the sky was blue.
    There are hotels I won't deal with and more that my clients' won't deal with and I would never recommend any of them here. But there are also hotels that had a terrible reputation a few years ago who have since been bought out, had a complete change of staff and £16million spent on refurbishment, but you won't read about that on trip advisor. ;)
    I'm lucky in that I can take my clients's complaints directly to the hotels' sales manager and get action. In fact, my team have been in meetings with about 40 sales managers over the last two weeks and we're very honest with them because they need to know where their business isn't giving the best service.
    If you ever have a problem with a hotel, it's always best to report it whilst you are inhouse and give the hotel a chance to put the situation right. If that doesn't work, write an honest account for the attention of the sales manager.

    When I worked in hotels, I heard some incredible complaints like the lady who came down to reception at 3am demanding pink towels in her room because she didn't like white ones. But one of the best that I've heard is about a certain very well known lady who insists that a certain hotel change their entire water supply to Evian when her family members are staying there...and they do!
  • Ellen123
    :beer: Thanks again, Blue 264. I was thinking of just going to a pretty awful but known place, not too expensive, great location, and giving up. Maybe I'll get braver now because of what you wrote. But when people write - all of them - about the same things, really awful - it makes me wonder, or rather, understand, why hotels want to hide their names when giving a price break good enough to get rooms rented.

    Thanks again!
  • Ellen123
    And here's to you, Paddy2eyes! Thanks to you too for explaining.
  • Ellen123
    Hi Everyone,

    This thread is great.

    Does anyone know which hotels these might be?

    Amazing Hotel overlooking Hyde Park - 4* - London
    This hotel is a good choice to stay for all kind of visits. Discover this great town or go for shopping at Oxford street and treat yourself nice in the evening at the hotel's restaurant or have a drink in the bar.

    Amazing late Deals in the Heart of the West End - 4* - London
    Thanks to a perfect location in the heart of the West End, this truly delightful boutique style hotel is a great choice for those who want to be within walking distance of London's exciting attractions including Covent Garden, Soho and Oxford Street. This traditional, privately owned hotel offers guest rooms enjoying all the modern facilities you'd expect from a 4-star hotel, including air conditioning and wireless broadband.

    Thank you again!

  • abandhev
    abandhev Posts: 27 Forumite
    Hi there can any one help me identify this hotel please?

    Rooms with a view in Docklands - 4* - London

    Within easy reach of the City of London, the West End and some of London's top attractions, this property belongs to the premier London Hotels. Here you will enjoy some spectacular panoramic views of London.

    and anyone been there?

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