Stocking filler ideas for teenage boy

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It's that time again! (and apologies in advance if this topic has already been started for 2015, I did search but couldn't find anything specific). I love doing stockings for my kids every year - it's one of the things that makes Xmas morning so special in our house, watching them rummage through their stockings while OH & I drink tea and gradually come around.

DD is easy (make up, jewellery, hair care etc) but DS is going to be a challenge this year. He loves reading, online gaming, playing guitar, super cars and Man U. So far he will get:

Lynx smellies (deo, body wash)
The new Rick Riordan book (signed)
Guitar songbook
Best of You Tube book
bag of chocolate coins
slushie maker
Box of M&Ms

I'll also add closer to the time a packet of Oreos, bar of Galaxy chocolate

I'd love to see what other MSE-ers have got planned for their own teenage DS-s to provide a little inspiration. Thanks! :)
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  • It'll be a big stocking its three books and a slush is maker!

    My son has said a laser pointer, notepad and pens, key ring with favourite brand of car (he's car mad!), microfibre towel.

    I'll sometimes add daft things like wind up racing grannies, pack of cards, sodoku book, and bookmark.
  • New school supplies always come in handy. Maybe get him some Sudoku books? They could fit in stockings.
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    Batteries - my son goes through them like there is no tomorrow!

    Blackhead nose strips

    Tub of cheeselets

    Itunes voucher

    Microsoft points voucher

    Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans

    Scratch card

    Cans of air for cleaning crumbs from keyboard - can be bought from pound shop


    Small cans of coke, fanta, dr pepper, sprite

    Boxers - I have found some Christmas themed minions ones in Primarni :)
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  • It'll be a big stocking its three books and a slush is maker!

    Actually its less of a stocking and more of a sack!
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    £2 Savers Club 2015 #8 £250£200 :j

    Proud to be an OU graduate :j :j

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain
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    Thanks! this didn't come up in my search :o
    £2 Savers Club 2016 #21 £14/£250
    £2 Savers Club 2015 #8 £250£200 :j

    Proud to be an OU graduate :j :j

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain
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    I normally buy through the year - but yes didn't this year .... discovered this shop though has some useful stuff in ....

    stress ball, bs button(other word for male cow and poo but gets banned if I type), laser zapper mini guns (DS 13 and DD 11) so will get one each in theirs plus one each of mini walking talkie set, lego mini figure to build (or a nano block animal if lego not their thing), space dust/rocks sachet, small joke book. B & Ms, Home Bargains etc always a saviour re stocking filling as you get into Nov and Dec. Last year Lush had mouldable soap or xmas bath bomb (put in plastic bag if youget one of these though - good luck.
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    My DS is 13. Have got him;-
    Imperial leather lemon sherbet shower gel
    VO5 extreme hold hair putty
    A keyring pen
    A spy pen ( this is a jokey pen and have got one for my dd and teenage sister too)
    A football trolley coin keyring for the gym
    A dvd
    M&M chocolate bar
    FCUK toiletry and sock set
    A charging lead stickie clip to prevent it from falling on floor
    A mobile phone holder for when its plugged in charging
    Im sure there is more but cannot think of anything else at the minute, will update once I have had a look at my list xx
  • I have an 11yr old and 15yr old, both boys, (I have to younger as well, but there easier and both done already) my 11yr old, still like the novelty bits, so have got him some retro juggling balls and retro jacks set both from home bargain, also mini magic/tricks set, zombie brain dart thingies from HB, there both have deodorants, gel, hair spray, choc/sweets. other idea`s: pens, sharpies, mobile phone cases, selfie sticks, charge bank for mobile (so if the mobiles run out of charge whilst there out, they can plug it into charge bank) goggles (one loves swimming every weekend) gloves, beanie, cap, socks, boxers, dvd, cheap computer games (or second hand) books, magazines, calender, diary, posters, blue tack, odour eater inner soles ;) slippers, bath sponge, rubber duck, key rings, ear phones (can be picked up from £ shop) book mark, screen wipes for laptop/tablet/ipad/mobile etc) savings novelty tin, torch, mini larva lamp or hoover etc that plud into laptop/tablet usb, cant think of anything else at the mo, xx
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  • Great ideas there. I try and buy consumable things rather than stuff that will just gather dust in their rooms. To be honest a lot of it I will buy anyway like their favourite shower gel, my youngest sons expensive hair stuff, undies and socks. But then I will get them sweets and a few silly bits and pieces too.

    One idea I dont think anyone has mentioned is a lottery ticket or scratch card. My boys love getting these.
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