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MSE News: Households to get second £12 electricity rebate

in Energy
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Electricity customers will get a £12 rebate off their energy bill this winter as a result of Government green levy moves...
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Households to get second £12 electricity rebate


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    gt94sss2gt94sss2 Forumite
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    Ironically, I just posted a related question to this.

    Is it possible for MSE to publish what dates someone had to be an electricity customer with the various suppliers to qualify for the electricity rebate?

    For instance, I know the E.ON reps here have said its 11 October for their customers.

    This would be very helpful for those customers who have or are about to switch supplier - so they know who should be crediting their bill with the rebate - or is the date common across all suppliers?

  • I'll try not to spend it all at once. _party_
  • PincherPincher
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    That might explain why electricity unit rate went up, whereas gas went down, for the new fixed tariffs. Scottish Power wants the £12!
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  • FOREVER21FOREVER21 Forumite
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    Good news every little helps.

    A little dated though fromMSE as this was paid into my account in early October. Indeed a thread was posted on the forum a few weeks ago when someone asked about a unexpected credit on their account
  • CaddymanCaddyman Forumite
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    I'm with Npower (on the cheapest dual fuel tariff they have based on my geographical location), and I received my £12 rebate off my bill last week. Again, I'll try not to spend it all at once, oh, yes, they've already taken it off of me to reduce my bill, silly me.
  • Hi Sunil (gt94sss2) - Good point, this payment will be made from the electricity provider you had an account with on 11 October 2015. We've now added this point into the news story.
  • I've got mine this morning :D A nice surprise as I didn't realise it was getting sent out
  • mh1923mh1923 Forumite
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    I asked EDF why I hadn't received mine, and they said to contact the DWP to find out if I'm eligible. Huh? Can anyone tell me what that's about?!
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