Tried to switch to Clydesdale but they mucked up the process and complaint ignored

I’ve been fuming about this for a while but not quite sure what to do next as it’s hard to clarify what actually happened.

I tried to take advantage of the Clydesdale switching bonus in August and it all seemed to go well I was told my new account would be set up and I received the forms to switch my old account.

Clydesdale then went silent for a few weeks and after calling several times finally got through to someone who said there was an issue with my past addresses. After promising that someone would call me back to check my addresses I then had to call twice more to speak to someone about it. I confirmed my last addresses (still don’t understand what the issue was). I asked for an explanation at the time and then and in the complaint but haven’t received reason. The only thing I can hazard a guess at is that I moved address every year at university.

Again they went quiet for a week and yet again I called they said they needed more information, and again I told them exactly the same information I told them last time.
Predictably, now, they again didn’t get back to me and so calling again I spent a frustrating afternoon with Clydesdale with nobody able to find my account or application, it took ages but eventually I got through to someone who said my account was cancelled by “underwriters?”

I was furious I’d put so much effort into opening the account and they hadn’t even bothered to tell me they were closing my application. What’s more I had to call my old bank to cancel the switch as it when I tried to use it it’d come up “in process of switching,” and they’d wrote to me asking me why I was leaving.

I wrote a complaint which they only answered the day before the eight week limit. The reply was the most passive aggressive twaddle I’ve ever seen and she effectively was calling me a liar. Yet I can prove that my old bank received the switching order and that I told Clydesdale full details of my addresses. So what should my next step be? If I take it to the financial ombudsman what should i say?


  • If they don't want your business there is little you can do about it - check your credit files in case there is something on there which shouldn't be.

    Carry on with your present bank or switch to a new one.
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    I've had experience of Clydesdale totally ignoring a complaint. I took it to the ombudsman and the bank sprang into action - making me a three figure compensation offer.

    Ombudsman recommended acceptance and specifically said that the offer was higher than they would have recommended. The strange thing was I would have been happy with them putting right their original mistake. I didn't expect more than the figure they had cost me.

    So definitely worth a punt if you are sure they were in the wrong.
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