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I've had a paper trimmer from Ryman's which is several years old now. The mat is very scratched along the cutting line, and I can't find any replacement mats so I think it's time for a new trimmer.

I would be particularly interested in a trimmer that will let me cut a square out of the middle of card or paper. I've seen these on shopping TV, but the one I saw had very poor reviews.

Any recommendations?


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    I've had a Fiskars one for many years now and it's great - although it's not so good with thinner paper. I often gut my mats to save card. I have a scorer for it too (bought accidentally when buying replacement blades), although I seldom use it.
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  • I've got several!! I have a Fiskars one for cutting cards to size, a small cutter for photos and a guillotine for matting and layering.....
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    Love my fiskars one but it doesn't cut Holes in the middle - although if your dead technical you could probably figure it out.
    The blades chafe dead easy and it has a groove under the balde do the base won't wear out.

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    I love my Fiskars cutter too.

    I haven't heard of anything that can cut a square in the middle, except a knife and ruler lol. You can get punches that cut out square but the squares are usually quite small and you'd have to have one with a long reach to get to the middle.
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