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Please can some translate this for me..... It is from partway through he pattern in inside crochet for the Moomin/Snorkmaiden pattern.

It is at the point of joining the nose to the body but I cannot get what it is asking me to do no matter how many times I read it!!!

Line up last round of nose with body (this bit I get)
Work 30dc along nose, miss first twelve stitches of body, work 1dc in last 28 stitches along body. Sew up 12 stitch gap between nose and body, then carry on working in rnds along outer edge -58 sts
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    Hi jagbeth1.
    I don't have the pattern but looking at the picture on the website it seems as though you crochet along the top of the nose if you hold it in place beside the body. Then you crochet around the back of the head and continue on those stitches. When you sew the bottom of the nose on to the front of the body it looks more like a moomin should.
    At least that's how it reads to me.
    Let me know if it makes sense reading it this way.
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