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Problem with LateRooms vs Hotel and wrong room

I'm usually pretty clued up on who to complain to but this one has got me stumped. I booked a single en-suite room for the Euro Hotel in London Euston area through - payment to be made at arrival at the hotel - which I did. When I went to my room, it was a single room with no bathroom. I informed reception and they had no other rooms. I asked them to find me another hotel and pay difference but they wouldn't. I asked for a refund but they refused saying it was LateRooms fault not theirs.

I phoned laterooms that night and was on phone for an hour with no resolution so had to sleep by the time it got to 22:30 as I had to work next day. Laterooms still advertise the room as a single en-suite for the same price and my booking confirmation definitely has the room listed as single en-suite.

I've asked my debit card company for a chargeback but I'm not sure whether they will or not. Who's responsibility is it to sort this out for me, especially when there is no way to contact Laterooms without going through their foreign call centre? Who is my contract with as booking and payment were through 2 different companies? Are LateRooms obliged to refund me? Does anyone know of any ADR I can go to?

Thanks, Paul


  • hcb42hcb42 Forumite
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    The hotel are actually not being honest here by blaming Laterooms.

    the hotel has the responsibility of ensuring the content is accurate, and for updating it via the Hotel Admin section of the web page.

    Personally, I would go back to the hotel, as you have paid them directly, not Laterooms, who never take payment from anyone who books via their website.
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    no1catmanno1catman Forumite
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    The rooms provided for Laterooms are not the best - but I had a better experience in Tintern, specified a 'bath', room turned out to have a bad view - with the staff smoking area underneath - with only a shower! The front desk were sorry but no other rooms available (we had the print out as well of the order with laterooms), they recommended elsewhere in the town - had a suite with everything but the kitchen suite.

    I don't understand the payment issue here, surely you only pay when you leave, if you weren't happy with the room, you'd go somewhere else straight away - and just pay them!?
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  • paullongpaullong Forumite
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    I think in future I will definitely only be paying when I leave or after I've seen the room.
  • hcb42hcb42 Forumite
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    you won't be able to control that unfortunately, most budget chains are pay on arrival

    However, (and as a hotelier of significant years experience) i use online travel agencies for research, but I always book direct. Major chains have rate parity, so price is same, but you have the direct relationship with hotel. I would never book with an online agent!!! It complicates the transaction!
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