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MSE News: Energy provider Utilita blocked 40,000 households from switching

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Utilita told to pay a penalty of £560,000 to customers and to a charity after Ofgem found it blocked users switching...
Read the full story:

Energy provider Utilita blocked 40,000 households from switching


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  • ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    Between June 2010 and May 2015, Utilita wrongly stopped customers from switching to another provider. . .

    Utilita's response :-
    . . . we have taken quick and decisive action to update and improve our switching procedures.
    So quick and decisive, it took 5 years for Ofgem to take action.

    Proof, if any was needed, that Ofgem will only act when the actions/inactions of the energy suppliers embarrass them into doing anything. Customers are bottom of their list of concerns.

    Ofgem itself is a scandalously dysfunctional disorganisation. It's time it was disbanded.
    >:)Warning: In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  • PincherPincher
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    It's not run by the North Koreans, is it?

    You don't want to run away.
    Stay and enjoy the safety and comfort of People's Republic of Utilita.
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