what size bike frame for 5ft 8 lady?

wanting to start cycling as very unfit!
had a look on ebay, lots of used bikes for sale, but what sizeframe should I be looking at? I have a 31 inch leg.
many thanks in advance :)


  • Hi
    Best bet is to go into your local bike shop & try a few out. I've always found the independents more helpful.
    A friend of mine decided to start cycling & bought a bike on line to save some cash & she thought a bikes a bike but now regrets it because although shes enjoying cycling the bike doesn't really suit her.
    If you want to buy second hand then try to buy locally so you can try the bike before you make a decision.
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    I'm the same and I bought a Dawes Kalahari 21'' frame and it's perfect for me.

    You also need to consider your height, for handlebar reach etc.

    Just put bike frame size calculator into search engine and a few come up. The problem then is finding one if its not your standard 19'' female frame! ��
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  • I know its a few days since you posted, but I thought I'd reply anyway!

    It's great that you are thinking about cycling again. It's such a lovely way to exercise and there is a whole new social scene out there. (Have a look at the Skyride website).

    Have thought what type of cycling you want to do? Road bike or mountain bike? Have a look around because you might find a hybrid or cyclocross bike might suit your needs rather than a pure drop handled road bike or heavy MTB. Your local bike shop can help you select the right frame size.

    Also, consider looking for a women's specific frame as these are often a better fit than unisex frames and can stop you getting a sore neck and arms or being unable to use the brakes comfortably.

    Hope you find your perfect bike very soon.
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    I would echo trying some bikes for size - I am 5'11" and there was a huge variation in configuration. I don't like to lean too far forward so some bikes were a complete no-no. I ended up going for a ladies Trek comfort bike (hybrid) and whilst it does struggle a little on real MTB trails it is great for everyday cycling.
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