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hi all

I have been Looming enjoying doing it couple of hats

I have also got crocheting things have made squares to sew together make blanket

can someone tell me please does it have be wool to do a tapestry?

I have embroidery silks I have material that I've drawn on will be doing embroidery soon

the silks I have seen on ebay an in some shops
do not look same as my mam or Nain used
they look thicker bit like wool

I have wool that use for crocheting can I use that for tapestry

so so confused

im sorry if im not explain myself correctly

please help
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  • gsymoogsymoo Forumite
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    Hi, most embroidery thread is 6 strands thick, you then separate it into 2 or 3 strands, that might be why you think it looks thicker then what your mum or gran worked with.

    Most tapestry is done with wool (craft shops sell small skeins of tapestry wool), but theres no reason why you cant use any wool (if you have some left over from crochet etc use that), to be honest when it comes to crafting use what ever is suitable or looks good.

    You can even do a type of embroidery with wool (crewel its called) or even ribbon embroidery.

    Hope that helps!
  • thank you gsymoo
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