Boiler Timer and TRV's

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I have just moved into a house that only has a boiler timer, TRV's and no room thermostat. What is the best way to save energy. Should I set the water boiler temperature to high and use for a short time. Or set to a lower time and run for longer.


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    Get a thermostat fitted - a wireless programmable stat will only cost around £50 plus fitting. You can then locate the stat in the best place (usually the living room). Make sure the TRV in the room with the stat is fully open

    Running a boiler without an external stat will just keep it hot all the time and the pump will run continuously as there's only the timer to switch it on & off. An external stat will control the pump and if it's wired correctly will also turn the boiler on & off according to demand. Is it a gravity system?
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    Wall thermostats have been mandatory for a long time, so I assume you have an old system.

    If it is the original non-condensing boiler then the water temperature isn't really a factor. Modern condensing boilers are more efficient at lower water temperatures.
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