Data usage, playing online Roblox / Minecraft


Does/has anybody play(ed) either of these games online and happen to know approximately how much data is used per player, per hour, please? An average is fine, thanks.


  • CycrowCycrow Forumite
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    Online gaming doesn't tend to take up too much data, probably only about 20mb/hour for something like minecraft.

    but even the heaviest of online games wont use alot, less than streaming music usually, and considerably less than streaming video
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    Thank you for this.

    The reason I'm asking is because I have a mobile wifi dongle that will allow up to 10 devices to connect and am trying to gauge how much data I'd have to buy, in order to let 10 kids play Roblox or Minecraft together for 3 hours. (It's a Primary school reunion, we'd hold it inside a marquee on a recreation ground and all of the parents would share the cost of the data between them.)

    At 20Mb/hour, would you estimate that 1Gb of data would be plenty then?

    Thanks again.
  • CycrowCycrow Forumite
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    It should be, however, i would suggest 2GB, as there may be downloads and updates you might need before playing, and better to be on the safe side, cant see any reason it would use more than 2GB however
  • jrtfanjrtfan Forumite
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    That's fantastic, thank you very much indeed for your help and advice!
  • GeodarkGeodark Forumite
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    Don't know about Roblox, but if you are playing minecraft would a better idea not to be to setup a server on the same network, and have all the minecraft clients connect to that locally hosted server rather than one on the internet somewhere - that way it shouldn't cost you any data - or am i missing something?
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