Christmas lists?

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    My children are 11 and 5 and they still write christmas lists! they decorate them, and Santa replies.....he even sent pictures of his reindeer last year too! They tend to write them at the end of November to post on December 1st and then about the 7/8 they get their reply.

    (dont get me wrong my son has cottoned on but still enjoys doing it and helps me wind his sister up with christmas spirit)

    My sons is getting a bit more expensive but my daughter enjoys sitting with the argos catalogue and then picking out what she likes

    I sit and check amazon / toys r us/ argos etc to see where the cheapest deals are on the things they want but they handwrite their lists
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  • My 2 write a list/ideas on paper, although son usually asks for a surprise which can be tricky.
    Does anyone else find though by the time you've looked up reviews of requested gifts and found the reviews are so bad you can't bear to buy said requested gifts.
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    My daughters always wrote lists, and we posted to the Royal Mail SANTA address, and they got their "free" replies.

    Now my daughter who has 2 little ones herself does exactly the same with her children. although they do track Santa on Christmas Eve on the ipad-so part of it all has gone technical!

    They also leave exactly the same out for Santa to eat as she did when she was little, carrot & water for reindeer, mince pie & beer for Santa!

    I love it that she felt her childhood was happy enough to continue & copy the same things!
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    My daughter is 8 and we have always chopped up Argos magazines since before she could write but she still enjoys it now. I remember when I was in my early teens I used LOVE going through the Argos catalogue regularly, imagining what I'd buy for my first house (never considered how I'd pay for it, lol!). We see Argos catalogue as the book of dreams! lol! I just use my judgement based on my knowledge of my daughter to decide which toys or whatever to buy off her list, along with a mixture of things I've seen that I know she'll love but hasn't put on her list. I don't want the Christmas list to be a demand list. My daughter knows full well that she wont get everything off the list, it's more to give Santa ideas. I remember when she was three she asked for a violin because she loved the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby, thinking it just a fad I didn't get it her. She asked for it the next year but I had less than £20 to spend on xmas because my house got robbed in late November. Then on the next year she asked for it again and Santa got it for her, so was so happy and loves her lessons still :)
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