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Christmas lists?


Does anyone else get their kids to still "write" a Christmas list?

The reason I ask is me and a friend were talking about it and she said that her DD (Whose 8!) Uses amazon and creates wish lists

Has the art of writing a list died out?! Did I miss this stage?!

I always photocopy DD's lists then give them back the original which they give to Santa in his grotto!


  • kathrynha
    kathrynha Forumite Posts: 2,469
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    My daughter aged 9 still writes a list, which she then writes into a letter which see sends to Santa.

    I like the list as it stops her changing her mind, as obviously with so many kids to sort presents for, Santa hasn't got time to deal with last minute requests. The letter has to be sent first week in November.
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  • CupOfChai
    CupOfChai Forumite Posts: 1,411 Forumite
    I still write a list! Although it's an email now rather than a pen and paper letter.
  • Anatidaephobia
    Anatidaephobia Forumite Posts: 841
    Ninth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I think there's something fun about writing a list. My cousin used to draw on his list and it became a big, colourful project. Using Amazon wishlist isn't particularly creative though I suppose it is efficient; it depends how old the kids are.
  • queenlizard45uk
    queenlizard45uk Forumite Posts: 375 Forumite
    Im 28 and still give a little xmas list to my family. It stops with all the pressure on what to get somebody.

    Though, you can tell im an adult - so far, ive asked for socks, a handbag and slippers. LOL

    Also, my mum is disabled and I always try and find items that I might like from the few shops she does go in - like primark, home bargains and sainsburys etc
    My family don't have the internet, so its a little harder for them.
  • Apple-shaped
    Apple-shaped Forumite Posts: 46
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    My 2 Ds's aged 22 and 16 still write Xmas lists :) We are quite "listy" ppl though especially Ds1 and I we seem to write lists for everything!!
  • Pookle
    Pookle Forumite Posts: 506 Forumite
    My children 9 and 8 write lists. They spend hours decorating them too, they love it.
  • chocolatebum
    chocolatebum Forumite Posts: 334
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    mine still do, we do it as one of our advent activities and spend a night decorating them and writing. even my older children (17, 18 and 22) join in to help keep the magic going for the younger ones.
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  • themull1
    themull1 Forumite Posts: 4,299 Forumite
    My kids are 16 and 13 and have always written lists for christmas.
  • Crowdpleaser
    Crowdpleaser Forumite Posts: 1,277
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    Yep I let my 2 aged 7 and 6 now loose with the argos catalogue. However they have few weeks to think about it and they can put 5 things that they really really want on a list which goes off to father c. We did the 5 things thing when one year the youngest aged around 4 put 37 things on a list......
  • Pookle
    Pookle Forumite Posts: 506 Forumite
    We do similar Crowdpleaser - they get to write lists as long as their arm, then their write their Top 5 things on a letter to Santa.
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