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Csa brackets??



  • Lunar_Eclipse
    FBaby wrote: »
    You're really making a generalisation here. In many cases, the maintenance amount IS very generous and it is the nrp with or without his new family that is worse off.

    You seem to forget that rp get CB and tax credits for the children on top of maintenance and what they should contribute, so I think to calculate overnight stay to gain maximum tax credits is spiteful

    I accept your points, I think we're just seeing it from a different perspective:

    1) Yes, I am generalising. In general, men (more often the NRP) are much much better off FINANCIALLY after a separation and women (often the RP) much worse off: the gap widens after 5, 10, 20 years etc. There is a link between the two.

    2) CB and tax credits are benefits that many do not qualify for and should be irrelevant to the discussion.

    3) We don't know the OP has calculated overnight stay to maximise maintenance, though many have assumed this and it may well be the case.

    4) I think you need to be a very high earner for maintenance to be anywhere near *generous*. Figures I've read mentioned on here wouldn't even cover food consumed by average kids.

    5) Having said all the above, I'm perhaps naively gobsmacked to see anyone making a link between contact time and money paid or owed.:(
  • mgdavid
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    ....... I'm perhaps naively gobsmacked to see anyone making a link between contact time and money paid or owed.:(

    Naive indeed, sadly it is not uncommon.
    The questions that get the best answers are the questions that give most detail....
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