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XBOX 1 or PS4 - present for an 11 year old?

Hi, I have no idea, but which is a better choice, xbox 1 or ps4 for an 11 year old? Friends have xbox but on my research, looks like ps4 is better. Can please someone tell me their views?
Except for buying the games, are there any additional running costs? There looks like some kind of subcription to pay for that right?


  • Thank you....still confused though!! Middle aged mum with no tech skills!!
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    They both have a subscription offering, I have seen the subscriptions for Xbox going for around the £20 mark, lowest is just under £19 and highest is £22/£23.

    Its open for debate if the PS4 is better, in some ways the Xbox 1 is better.
  • Will ask their friends and see what they have all got. Might be the solution so they can all play online together.
  • Takeaway_AddictTakeaway_Addict Forumite
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    pid2004 wrote: »
    Will ask their friends and see what they have all got. Might be the solution so they can all play online together.
    this, find out what everyone else has and get the same
    Don't trust a forum for advice. Get proper paid advice. Any advice given should always be checked
  • SheepsterSheepster Forumite
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    Very open for debate.

    I personally prefer the Xbone, I've had both. That though doesn't mean I think you should get an Xbone.

    What I'd do - the very VERY most important thing - what does his/her friends play on? This is really the only real important distinction.
    If they all tend to have the same console, then they can swap games, can play against each other, can chat to each other and talk about the games on a completely equal footing.

    Anyway, very briefly, for all it's worth the difference between the two. The PS4 has a very slightly better accessed memory. This means it can run with a higher framerate (you won't notice and can't tell the difference) and often runs at a higher tv resolution (you can't tell unless they are side by side and you squint - seriously)
    The PS4 has a sexy shape, the controller needs charging more often (so what), some prefer the Xbox controller, some prefer the PS4 controller. There's a quality issue with the buttons on the PS4 but it's not a huge deal. The Xbone will need rechargable batteries or a plug and play kit, for some this feels a step backwards.

    Games tend to be about the same price for either, so this just isn't an issue. .

    You'll most likely need the annual subscription for online play - and both give away free games with this. Officially Xbone is more expensive per year, in reality if you buy from CDKeys or ebay, it's quite cheaper, sub £20 whilst PS4 you won't get under say £32 but as this is per year, it's not an issue.
    The free games with PS tend to be indie types but more of them, Xbox gives away indie and big name but older titles, neither are really giving much away, it's just a perk.

    Exclusives - personal preference

    Price - you will find better deals on Xbone than PS4 as MS are discounting these consoles, but the difference is not that much.

    Reliability - not heard bad things about either. Theres a button wearing out prob with the PS4 controller but if this happens - complain. They're bound to correct this soon enough.

    Does either have the "better" online community? Very hard to give an answer to that one. It's wherever your friends are on.

    Xbox is getting a huge update to just about everything in November, PS is already good so probably doesn't need as much improving.

    That's about it really. Both do a similar job and anyone who can say games look considerably better on either are lying. This isn't like the old PS3 vs Xbox 360 debate, some games were a lot worse on one than the other, there's been nothing like such a difference between these two. Whatever you get it will be great
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    I'd agree with the posts above to check what the friends have, the two consoles are quite similar in many areas but there's no point getting a PS4 for its better graphics performance if all his friends have Xbox ones as he won't be able to play with them.

    A lot of games are cross platform and will work on either console but there are still some series which are exclusive to one format, it may be certain game series he wants to play are only on one of the consoles which again makes the decision more straightforward.

  • As others have said, there's not too much to separate the two consoles other than personal preference.

    The key factor is what one all his friends have.
  • pinpinpinpin Forumite
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    I bet half of his friends will have xbox and the other half ps4. There's nothing really between them. I've always been a playstation guy. I'm sure he'll love either one! (i've still got PS3 :))
  • If his friends have the Xbox then I would go for the Xbox. Additionally, you could ask your son if he favours any specific exclusives. If he (and his friends) loves playing Halo (a Microsoft exclusive), then he might be disappointed in receiving the PlayStation.

    Don't listen to reviews regarding "Xbox V PlayStation" every debate is written about complete nerds, speaking out of there bum holes. The whole debate is sad and pathetic.

    It's all down to personal preference and opinion.
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