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I only heard about this today from someone whose uncle, now over 90, was on the thousand mile march .His solicitor hadn't heard of the full exemptions, so pass it on if not already known to forum members!
Full exemption from inheritance tax for military personnel who die - even indirectly - as a result of injuries or diseases suffered during active service could affect hundreds more families with the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Mark Jackson
But financial experts believe few military families know about the loophole and the Government is doing little to raise awareness. Military personnel who die on active service are always exempt from IHT.But under another, lesser-known tax rule, if death can be linked to a wound, injury or disease contracted on active service - even if that death is many decades later - the estate will be IHT exempt.
This applies to all ex-service personnel, including doctors, nurses and drivers, as well as war correspondents

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