MoneySaving Poll: Have you bought clothes just to wear then return?

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Poll started 1 September 2015

Have you bought clothes just to wear then return?

Many big stores, such as M&S, John Lewis and many websites, have generous no-fault return policies. Some people use this as a form of free ‘rental’, you buy the clothes, wear them once, then return them – we've even heard of people wearing items once for a wedding.

The legality is a grey area it depends on the terms – but it's certainly questionable.

Which of the following is closest to your situation?

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  • patannepatanne Forumite
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    No wonder some clothes are so expensive - to me this is a form of stealing.
  • Absolutely agree patanne. Could this be another example of when a few bad people spoil the facility for the rest of us? Would be a huge step backwards if we weren't able to take stuff home to try & then return.
  • GoldiegirlGoldiegirl Forumite
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    It's more than questionable - it's shameful behaviour.
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  • aldreddaldredd Forumite
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    This has got to be one of the daftest questions you've polled on yet.
  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    Never done it.

    Would never dream of doing it.
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    Really - why daft. Its an interesting question - with interesting results prompting a lot of discussion on social media and elsewhere. I find peoples varying attitudes fascinating, plus the fact that it seems youth and gender make a difference to willingness to do it.
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  • Because, whilst I'm not suggesting that you're endorsing or condoning the behaviour, the wording of the question, and how it's been presented, in my opinion, seems an attempt to normalise the behaviour.

    Buying, wearing, and returning an item is not money saving (in a way that perhaps trying something in a shop before buying online cheaper might be) - it's on the cusp of being fraudulent.

    But hey, we all know how the questions are really picked for your polls ;) $$$
  • catwoman73catwoman73 Forumite
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    People do this? Totally wrong IMHO. I know some shops make ££££s but it doesn't give people the right to take the mickey.

    The legality is a grey area, it depends on the terms - but it's certainly questionable.

    What, because the t+cs that none of us read but we all agree to don't specifically state that you shouldn't use online shopping as free rental, are you suggesting that it might be OK? Really?

    Just because some clever lawyer might be able to find a loophole doesn't make it right.

    The next poll could be 'is it OK to record DVDs and CDs and return them for a refund' because that amounts to the same thing.
  • RandomRainyRandomRainy Forumite
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    I've never done it to wear out for the night, but I have grabbed a few items for family photo shoots.
  • pollypennypollypenny Forumite
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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