Cheapest big wedding flowers

Long time lurker here - so go easy on me :)

Myself and my WTB have booked a wedding a barn next summer, and we're trying to do a fair few bits with friends and family, or hobbyist enthusiasts to save budget,

But, one thing the barn owner has told us to be careful with is flowers... as the barn needs quite a lot flowers to appear adequately dressed.

I was wondering, did you guys have any tips on how to get amazing 'big' flowers a little more cheaply?

- I've seen a few people suggest supermarkets... but then how can we arrange them?
- Could we go to a wholesaler?
- Are there any freelancers out there?
- Would floristry schools be able to help?

Any more thoughts would be amazingly appreciated!


RusticWeddingPreppers x


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    We went to New Covent Garden flower market (it operates mostly at night so you have to get up early). I posted in this thread:
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    could you maybe grow some yourself? and ask family and friends too as well maybe? i design and make wedding stationery, (i am not advertising myself as im pretty much fully booked) but i have made before at a brides request save the dates with added seeds, this was actually for the guests to use the petal a confetti, but maybe you could ask your guest to grow some flowers to decorate with, maybe get some of those small money envelopes, and put some seeds in (sunflowers, would be good, the smaller (not tall) variety are easier to grow and produce alot of flowers) then ask guest politely on the save the dates, could maybe turn it into a little comp lol, i suppose it also depends whether its a formal or causal wedding, and how close your guests are xxx
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    another idea could be to make paper flowers and paper pom poms, from tissue, google search them in images, they look gorgeous, and could be made in advance cc
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  • Foam flowers may be the way to go, you can pick them up fairly cheaply online from wholesalers, ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc.
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  • Hi, You can order the flowers online too. I got married last year and we ordered the flowers online from flowers Canada. The flowers got here early in the morning. With the help of family and friends we arranged it ourselves. We got a pretty good discount too.
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