I have a tesco credit card which has 0% on balance transfers and purcahses for 21 months. Since I am about to move house I will have some big buys coming up. I have the money saved up in an ISA for things like washing machine, bed, fridge, etc.

I plan to use my tesco CC to purchase them all, then transfer them off onto a new CC using a 0% balance transfer. I can then keep earning interest on the money in the ISA. I can then also keep using my tesco cc to build up clubcard points for my day to day living costs like food and bills.

Is there a limit as to how many times you can transfer money off the same card?

i.e. If I put my fridge, bed and washing machine. on my tesco CC then transfer it to new card A.
Then purcahse some other big things say a TV and sofa. Can I then trasnfer these onto new card B.

This way I will earn lots of clubcard points and get around wanting to spend more than my tesco cc card limit. I have all the money I need to buy things in my ISA I just want to earn money on that.


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