Wolf garten 3200e mower help please

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edited 23 August 2015 at 3:37PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
Lawn mower no-go, so sortakinda greenfingered, but will also post on DIY.


Only after dismantling starter/controls [all was fine], did I see the earth wire from the rubber moulded plug, which joins in to start the mower, is severed.

This just shows in the tiny gap between end of the trailing 15m flex and end of plug.

It's a moulded rubber plug. Could I carefully slit this with a cutting tool to re-wire it? The plug casing shelters a pair of 2mm holes into which the fixed round contact pins slot. It's a 15m lead. Mower bought May 2012.

Hope that's clear enough.

Don't want to have to find/fund a whole new lead/plug combo when it's a small fix with simple plugs.

Many thanks.
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