Ok, so new to the site and forum so not really sure how things work, or if I'm even writing in the right thread!?
I have £3,444.62 worth of loans etc to pay off, all "credit" so to speak. My question is, what is the easiest and quickest way to pay them all. I am currently paying a "minimum" each week / month, but it's driving me insane always being so skint because of it!
I don't have a very good credit rating (I get 70% on the balance transfer eligibility calc), I don't have any credit cards, just my current account. Can I use a credit card to "balance transfer" money in to my current account, pay off all of the money and then just owe one source a payment which I can then pay consistently once a month? Or would this be a money only transfer? In which case my eligibility came up as 0%!
So so confused as to what to do, unfortunately we have only got in to this position as my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 years ago, we both had to stop working and I have become his full time carer, we have now used all of our savings.
Some one please help me make sense of this!


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