MSE News: Test your energy fix - check if you can save £100s

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Most comparison sites give the WRONG savings (as Ofgem tells 'em to). Now we're uniquely revolting......
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Test your energy fix - check if you can save £100s


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  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Now we're uniquely revolting......

    Wow - that is a claim. Unique - being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

    Quote " has never followed the "inflated" savings approach. We believe it to be mis- leading and we don't plan to start using it now."

    You might wish to revise/or explain your claim before 2 of your competitors cry foul. (the other one being EnergyHelpLine.)
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    I really don't like comparison sites where you are forced to log in .So i cannot test this new ?? method .
  • "The new bit is being able to see savings based on the different prices"

    Wow - what a revolutionary idea! If only the suppliers themselves would adopt it, the energy price comparison industry will have served its purpose, and die an early death.
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  • SnowManSnowMan Forumite
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    While the figures were there to make the right comparison before, the Cheap Energy Club is a lot clearer now with the existing fixed tariff cost being the default shown.

    To work out whether to switch away from a fixed tariff you really need to do a month on month comparison based on seasonal usage. I'm currently on a tariff with a very low standing charge which makes it better value in Summer than Winter, although the CEC comparison makes it look like it would be a good idea to switch away now, this isn't really the case until late Autumn/Winter.
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  • You are moving us onto new levels of sophistication which are probably not worth the small sums involved!

    Late autumn/winter is the very time when cheap fixes tend to disappear, so you would have to take a bit of a punt regarding the optimum time to make your twice-yearly switch. Exit fees used to be a big consideration, but less so in recent times (I’m not sure why exit fees are on the decline).

    My own preference is to select a fix which ends after the winter months - I am currently on a February 2017 fix, even though it is costing me £6 a year more than the same supplier’s August 2016 fix. But, with no exit fees to worry about, who knows?
    mad mocs - the pavement worrier
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