Partition Magic ?

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone would know if the above would help me out here:

I have a 80GB HDD and I want to run Office 2003 on C: and perhaps Office XP on say F: How does partition magic do this? Also, do i have to buy an operating system for the new F: ? Also, if i run my recovery software, does that remove the new partition too or just c: ?
My machine is fairly new, and the recovery is built into the hidden partition of the C:

Any advice would be gratefully appreicated.




  • You seem to be getting all confused here wuth what partiton magic does. However a more pertinent question would be what are you trying to do and why ?
    I see no reason to run multiple office versions, at least not the versions you require, just use the latest one.
    partition magic allows you to reallocate disk space.
    You can split a large drive into smaller ones or expand a smaller drive into existing space and some other more complex permutations. If you re parttion a disk under xp you will be able to see that drive no matter what the file system( ok for anyone who wants to be pedantic we can rule out ext3 and other variants). You could if you wish install a new OS to this but isee no reason for you to do this.
    ireally need to know why you want to do this

    stay lucky!
  • I agree with MiB that it is over-complicated to run Office 2000 and XP on the same PC, but if you DO want to do it, you do not need Partition Magic to do so.
  • Cheers guys for both your replies.

    OK, so perhaps i dont need to Partition magic. I was just picking up bits from a guy who said he used it, i obviously got my wires crossed.

    OK, so how do i run office XP and Office 2003 on the same c: without them clashing? You may ask why run both? reason being, on office XP there is publisher which isnt on my 2003 version, hence i would need to install both, and i cant just install publisher as it's part of the package.

    Any ideas/advice appreciated.

    Cheers guys, and thanks again.

  • If you do a custom install rather that a typical or complete you can choose to just install publisher

    stay lucky!
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    if Office 2003 = applications and Office XP = same applications + publisher, why retain Office 2003? If you are providing documents to other people without Office Xp most of the time you can save files as previous versions of the product for compatibility. Seems an overly complicated way of doing things
  • OK thanks for all your replies.

    I found an artical on microsoft website Article#826319 about running multiplie copies of office. They suggested uninstalling the 2003 version and starting from scratch.

    I did the following: removed 2003, installed office xp and then put in the 2003 disc and then i chose 'full instal' as if u select upgrade it wipes the xp version, then it asks u what u want to retain so i selected what i wanted to keep and then BINGO. it works all fine.

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