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Please please help - advice on flying to India

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Please please help - advice on flying to India

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IamBrokeIamBroke Forumite
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Hi guys

I havent posted on this section of the forum before and so am really clueless about booking flight and how to do it.

Last night my dad found out his brother had passed away in India. However, as my sister is moving to the USA and as he would have missed the funeral he has decided to fly on the 27th August as this is the same day that my sister leaves.

He needs to fly from Gatwick and preferably around 2pm which is perfect as Emirates has a flight then. However, where is the best place to book this, and I notice Emirates has a box for a Promo code does anyone have any? We arent that well off and I want to get him a good price.

I have checked emirates online and also expedia. Expedia seems to have a flight connection from Dubai that is less time compared to actual Emirates website, is this normal?

Am i right in thinking there is only a four hour gap in connection as i dont have to take into account any time differences do I?

London (LGW)
Depart 14:15
Terminal N to Dubai (DXB)
Arrive 00:05 Flight arrives on Tue 28-Aug" The arrival date for this flight is one day after the departure date." +1 day
Terminal 1 3,403 mi
(5,477 km)
Duration: 6hr 50min EK EK.gif
Flight: 16
3Economy/Coach Class, Meal, 77W fltitin.gifTue 28-Aug-07 - Expedia Special Fare Dubai (DXB)
Depart 04:00
Terminal 1 to Mumbai (BOM)
Arrive 08:15
Terminal 2 1,199 mi
(1,930 km)
Duration: 2hr 45min EK EK.gif
Flight: 504

Sorry if i sound really dumb but I dont want to mess it up as my dad has enough to think about, so would appreciate any advice or help.

I am getting his visa on monday as well

thank you all in advance
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  • try southall travels on 02085748410. You might get some cheap deals if you call them...

    Also try
  • IamBrokeIamBroke Forumite
    537 posts
    Thanks very much savy x
    All men hear is blah, blah, blah, blah, SEX, blah, blah, blah, FOOD, blah, blah, blah, BEER:wall:
  • Voyager2002Voyager2002 Forumite
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    I have a couple of Emirates promotion codes (given by a kind member of this site) but they don't make much difference to the overall cost.

    Emirates is a good airline, but far from the cheapest way to get to Mumbai. If money is tight, investigate other airlines. The journey to Heathrow is really not all that long (in comparison with the journey to India). And teh BMI flights to Mumbai were very affordable.
  • Try a Qatar flight to Mumbai. They are really cheap and the service is excellent.

    Also, as someone else said, try the website. Alternatively, try booking through an Asian Travel Agents - we found that they have the best prices, and can beat any of the Internet ones too!
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