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Hi, my wife and I entered into an IVA with DFD back in August 2009 and was originally paying £321 into it, on a finance review DFD increased the payments to £468 which is what they are at currently. we had a 6 month payment break in 2010 as I was made redundant, it is now 2015 we have made 66 payments into the iva totalling £27546 the total original debt with all creditors was circa £31k with an agreed £19.5k to repay, DFD's fees are £7700. at the beginning of the year we were invited to take a secure loan of £9k which would close the IVA I have recently received notifications that PPI claims total £19613.64. I asked DFD to call a creditors meeting as the PPI payments would more than cover the total debt and there would be no need to take the secured loan which they did after many weeks of contacting them. the result was that the creditors allowed the secured loan to be dropped but wanted a further 12months in payments making a total of 78 payments.

DFD said that the PPI's were outstanding so would not be considered until the money was received, I have now been informed that these PPI claims have actually been off set against the debts owed.

how or indeed why am I now being asked to pay a further 12 months when after all is considered I have around £8k surplus within the IVA and as far as I can see owed to me as the full debt has been paid. Am I missing something here and are DFD playing games I have zero confidence in them and do not believe a word of what they tell me. Just want peoples thoughts before going ahead with the complaints process.

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