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    He'll get free lunch coutesy of TV/Radio! lol
    Try Pizza Express. ;)

    So to the question which I believe is answered in the blog. :)

    The blog refers to the methods for benchmarking success used by both business and social entrepreneurs. It then goes on to reference Martins success relevant to being a social entrepreneur, ie that of helping others and Martins success relevant to being a business entrepreneur, ie his gaining wealth from his work.

    Thus gaining wealth whilst helping others rules out both social and business entrepreneur, leaving us looking for something somewhere in the middle. :)
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    Loophole - A word used to entice people to read clearly written Terms and Conditions.
    Rip Off - Clearly written Terms and Conditions.
    Terms and Conditions - Otherwise known as a loophole or a rip off.
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    The thing that gives this site such integrity is the lack of ads.

    I used another site to reclaim bank charges 20 months back....they would say 'Don't use a company to do it for you', then have click on ads next to the forum advertising said companies.

    Also, the simplicity of some of the explanations is fantastic. Some may call it 'dumbing down' but if everyone understod compound interest, loan rates and the rest, their wouldn't be any loan companys left and the DFW wouldn't have enough users to keep it going.

    Entreprenuer is enough of a description.
    An original idea, turned into a product/service that generates an income.

    As there are no corporate paymasters, everything that is written is unbiased, objective and free of outside influence. There are scores of examples of this, but let me give you just one: It pays to be unpaid
  • asm24
    I think so yes, social entrepreneur.
    I think it's amusing how only in the UK do successful people almost come across as apologetic for their success. There’s really no need. The whole world is out to make a living, some honestly, some not so much. Of those that make an honest living, few make a moral honest living - yet here we have a morally honest success story whose customers (if we can use that word since we really don't spend a cent) are actually benefiting themselves. Really benefiting though - not like MySpace benefiting.

    Anyway, great story. I hope you make a billion Martin:beer:.
    Well done.

    P.S - the post mentioning an independent study made me laugh:) It pretty much encapsulates my while point. In the US, success is celebrated (even morally dubious success); whereas in the UK, we are more prone to resentment. Now here's my point - if this site has managed to win the hearts and minds of the British public, and made it's owner a few quid - then hell entrepreneur it is:T!
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    Have a read, Martin.


    We call these people social entrepreneurs - individuals who believe passionately in something which will benefit the community - who get their hands dirty doing it and who have the dogged determination to see it through. Senscot was founded by a small group of such people who realised in 1999 that their work would benefit from being connected up with others doing similar things.

    Social entrepreneurs are to be found throughout society: in business, in local communities, in government and, in particular, creating social enterprises - businesses which trade to achieve social aims. Senscot believes that social entrepreneurs and their enterprises have the potential to transform society for the better.

    From here:

    I am happy to have been one of those few in at the start of Senscot - and I have little (nope - correction), I have no doubt Martin that the description "Social Entrepreneur" is appropriate for much, perhaps not all of your activities, but that "much" is not only of very great benefit to many, it is transformational - this site and forum is testament to that.

    Be happy and proud of what you have and are achieving - and don't stop!!!
    If many little people, in many little places, do many little things,
    they can change the face of the world.

    - African proverb -
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