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  • (Land_of)_Maz
    (Land_of)_Maz Posts: 11,738 Forumite
    My previous post didn't say that I too think he is a social entrepreneur and this is a good thing as he helps so many people, but i think the second you start calling yourself one, especially in your signature, it maybe becomes a tad naff. In my humble opinion....

    Keep doing what you're doing MSE Martin, and don't worry about the labels!
    I'm just a seething mass of contradictions....
    (it's part of my charm!)
  • guppy
    guppy Posts: 1,084 Forumite
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    I think the Council Tax and Bank Charges reclaiming is easily statistically measurable, and Martin has been the only one driving that forward that I can see.

    The site stats speak for themselves...people don't read the site just for amusement, they act on it...
  • bootserbabe
    Martin has shown himself to be a true social entrepreneur as he has succeeded in making a socially beneficial project financially viable. This is the spirit of social enterprise, in my opinion. Whether he hoards his pennies or reinvests them is his business, the main point being the site doesn't depend on public money to exist, and is free to use. The concept of social enterprise is a still a bit of a new fangled thing to many, sitting as it does between traditional commerce and not for profit sectors, but it can be a very positive way to trade and just requires a bit of lateral thinking, as Martin has proved. From one social entrepreneur (though less successful LOL) to another - keep up the good work!
  • adeleyvonne2003
    I think the site is wonderful - I wouldn't like to say how much debt I was in at Christmas - but it was several £1000's - I am now debt free - did not borrow one penny to do it. Martin's advice has been invaluable - one statement I will never forget "people who have debts should not have any savings" - that line stays with me - Martin is an inspiration - well done and thank you
  • cafenervosa_2
    Maz3374 wrote: »
    Martin says.... "In fact I’d love it to make me a billionaire, providing it never compromises my ethics and recommendations or cost any users a penny!”

    Does this mean he is a millionaire already?

    Do you think he still takes a sandwich to work every day??? Spose not, he'll get free lunch coutesy of TV/Radio! lol

    I remember a few years ago when it said "In fact I’d love it to make me a millionaire", so now he's changed it and for me he must have become a millionaire or why would he change it?
  • flutsy
    flutsy Posts: 90 Forumite
    I don't understand why people have to label things down to the last detail. Couldn't you just be discribed as a businessman? Or Website owner?
  • JimmyTheWig
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    "Imagine you were asking a reasonable person who knew what you do for a living. Would they say it was reasonable for you to describe yourself this way?"
  • MothballsWallet
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    Martin: you do change peoples lives - be it from your articles, or TV & radio appearances.

    For example, from IPTW - when you say to people that "debt is solvable": it's the way you say it, the way you explain things. It might just stop someone in serious debt who was watching from doing something stupid, and direct them to where they can get help.

    You're also enthusiastic about saving people money, and getting more for less.

    I'd describe you as an "Enthusiastic campaigner for financial clarity, adviser and all-round nice bloke". By the way, I owe you a drink!
  • paulasplin
    For a long time I was your natural enemy. One of the 'evil companies' out to take advantage of consumers.

    And then I noticed that we were getting a lot of sales in from people who had been on your website previously. In fact, the increased sales meant that I could pay my staff bonus' and afford to improve my customer service through a new CRM system.

    I'm now a bit of a convert and try to come up with the best policies possible to try and attract more mentions on moneysavingexpert!

    Paul Asplin
  • meester
    meester Posts: 1,879 Forumite
    paulasplin wrote: »
    For a long time I was your natural enemy.

    Still are.

    Spamming on somebody else's site.Three out of of your last three posts are spamming your websites.
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