Problems with Debt Free Direct

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I've been on an IVA since June 2012.

First annual review went fine, with no problems.

Second year however, different.

Because I received a couple of pound extra a week in benefits, they increased my payments by an extra £45 per month.

They then calculated my DLA as income, leaving nothing for health care costs.

They also added I was getting more money, this was not true because in the June leading up to an annual review it was a 5 week month.

I sent them a serious letter of complaint, they took virtually 8 weeks to respond.

They replied with a bunch of lies, which was proven in correspondence.

I had also requested that they close the IVA down because I had been part assessed by National Debtline that I qualififed for a DRO because DLA was always disregarded.

DFD have refused to close the IVA down, even though the variation meeting was held with the creditors back in December.

They say that they still want to help me with my debts, I told them clearly in writing I could not afford to continue.

I took this to the Financial Ombudsman Service, DFD had until 9th July to respond with the buisness file.

They asked for an extention on the time limit, I dont know why.

Why delay sending in the file? Have they got something to hide.

What will happen if the dont send it in?


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    Not sure, but as I understand it the FOS have limited powers when it comes to IVAs.

    Worth looking at which directs complaints to the right body, if FOS can't help worth getting legal advice maybe from CAB. I suspect a lot will hinge on the interpretation of your individual agreement
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    I am also having problems with this company. My IVA was originally set for 5 years but I was made redundant in year 2 and had to take a lower paid job so they extended my term for 12 months which I fully understood. They never gave me an actual end date but my 72nd payment was made in September 2015. They asked me to send over all the usual review info at the end (payslips, bank statements, income and expenditure etc.) which I did in November 2015. I declared a couple of small bonuses which I had already discussed with them on the phone and was advised that as they were less than 10% of my normal income I could keep them.

    I never heard anything from them and have continued making my monthly payments just in case they declare me in default because they haven't told me it's okay to stop. I have also sent back (twice) the deed of assignment regarding PPI payments so that they can issue my completion certificate but still nothing.

    I have lodged a formal complaint and have threatened to go to the ICAEW who regulate them but all I've had is a standard letter advising of their complaints procedure and that it will take them 8 weeks to look at it. How on earth can they justify taking 8 weeks to review a file? It's shockingly bad service.
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