Summer Holidays Frugal Fun Challenge

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Hi all

I have NEVER started a challenge before, so please let me know or delete if this is in the wrong area of the forum or has already been done.

I am just half way through my self managed DMP and hubby is off into hospital next week and will be out of work for four weeks, so pretty much two thirds of the kids summer holidays. Hubby being off work equals no income :eek:.
Any money we have will be going towards mortgage, lights, water & food, so I am going to have to somehow entertain the children during the holidays with virtually no money.

So I wondered if we could all pull together and anytime we get an idea of something free or incredibly cheap that we can do with the children we could list it here.

I guess there will always be a little fuel costs included or a picnic cost etc but I think I am really going to need your help to not have two bored miserable children for 6 weeks.

There must be others out there on a super tight budget that need ideas to keep the kiddies occupied. Hope I am not the only one with this challenge looming ahead of me :o


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    Bike rides - FREE
    Walking the dog - FREE
    Beach fishing - Fuel & picnic
    Geo-Caching - FREE app on phone, need to travel abit as done all local ones.
    Check local council website
    Making & decorating paper planes
    Painting outside
    Board games
    Pets at Home club
    Summer reading Challenge
    Foraging (blackberry picking)
    Visit playgrounds we have seen and never been to
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    Go on your Council website and see what they're offering.
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    Great idea. I usually look after my grandson after work.

    Making paper planes, kept him busy all afternoon and flying them the other day, coloured them, some were jets. no costs involved.

    Do let him paint outside with water, he loves it. Patio covered in pics and it disappears - probably bit silly for schoolkids.
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    One of our favourite free trips is visiting Pets at Home. My son is 6 and loves looking at all the animals, fish & reptiles. They also have a club you can join that has sessions you can book for free, small Furries is one of them. As the name suggests you go to a talk with one of the staff and the kids get to touch small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits etc.

    We also always join the summer reading challenge at our local library. This year's theme is Record Breakers. The kids sign up to read 6 books during the holidays. You take them along and the librarian listens to them talk about what these read then they get stickers and other free small items relating to the challenge theme.

    We have already started blackberry picking too. You could try foraging for anything good in your area too. Some times people make maps online of where the free food is. Like orchards on public land. A pear tree overhanging the road etc.

    There is loads to do once you find out about it.

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    Thanks for the suggested ideas so far, I am adding them to a list at the top so that I can get instant inspiration for things to do.

    I am usually quite lazy and opt for the easy route's like theme parks and organised clubs. Obviously they cost A lot of money so I am going to have to super inventive this year.

    Keep the ideas coming, I will check out my local councils website later this afternoon to see what I can find.

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    Go for walks in nature reserve/parks see what creatures you can spot x
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    My kids might be a little odd... But they have asked to do lessons with me at home. Mainly music theory as they both play an instrument but also a bit of French. I thought we could learn together as my French is rather rusty to say the least!
    I'm not thinking of whole days, maybe a hour or 2 a week.
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    Depending on age, but theme days.
    Eg French "French food", research French places, draw French flag.etc.etc
    Or science mints in a bottle of cola trick....And other simple experiments

    Silly string fight.....ok you'd have to buy silly string.

    Or for younger ones, a few empty tubs and cans of shaving foam.

    Library's always good. From reading challenges to just visiting (often they do events)

    Find local museums as often they do events.

    Meet friends and do sharing type picnic

    Or a theme day with a DVD and things to do with the Alice in wonderland DVD and make jam tarts etc.

    Baking too.
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