Moving back to the UK - what have we missed?

So thanks to "her maj" we have spent the past 3 yrs overseas
Moving back in 4 weeks (packers have been and our stuff is already en route!)

So what have we missed ?

Obviously we've kept up with the news but we've only been back as a family once in the 3 years and a couple of times for meetings etc on my own

Have re-activated my quidco account and started comping again ! Will be great having a UK postal address again and not restricted to what we can get through the BFPO

We've had an amazing time but it's time to come home :rotfl:


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    How was Cyprus?
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    Wasn't in Cyprus !
  • HappyMJHappyMJ Forumite
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    Since 2012...not much. Interest rates still pitifully low (if you're a saver) and you won't be able to get a mortgage as you have no recent banking or UK based employment history. You'll need to wait 6 months or so. That all changed before 2012 so you should already know that. Fibre broadband has got cheaper. No need for a bit of paper (tax disc) to put on your windscreen in your car any more. Just tax the car and drive it.
    :p Regular savers earn 6% interest (HSBC, First Direct, M&S) :p Loans cost 2.9% per year (Nationwide) = FREE money. :p
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    Thanks Happy - employment history fine as worked for same UK based "company" for past 23 years and hubby has been FT house husband for 7 years
    Can't buy house at present as job has us moving around too much really
    Savings will need to look at this year especially kids accounts
    Looking forward to having real Internet again - basic phone and broadband here is £70 a month and it's really slow and cuts out often
    Also looking forward to "real shops" ie the choice of more than one supermarket !
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    So things we need to sort and do list
    Re-import car including tax MOT and insurance
    Arrange electricity and gas suppliers
    Arrange phone TV and broadband - probably sky
    Buy school uniforms and shoes for September - school places sorted
    Food shop for a basic store cupboard
    Buy new white goods - leaving ours here as all a bit rusty and old and we only got 13m cubed to ship stuff back
    Re- activate points and rewards cards
    Anything I've forgotten ?
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    When I moved back I from the EU I sold my LHD car as importing anything over 10 years old was not worth it. If yours is RHD and newish that won't be an issue. Getting No Claims recognised might also be a problem..
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    silverwhistle - thank you
    Hubby has old RHD Landrover we shipped over with us and will be taking back as well as it's his "off roader"
    Agree insurance is going to be a problem as only 2 providers loccally and not sure either of them are recognised in UK.
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    kyh wrote: »
    So things we need to sort and do list
    Arrange phone TV and broadband - probably sky

    Make sure you note the deal in this week's email with a year's line rental and broadband from Sky for the princely sum of 5 quid and 35 new pennies (though a £20 installation charge may apply if there's no existing line). A welcome back present, if you will.
    I am not a financial advisor or other expert. All posts are purely my thoughts at the time for discussion, not advice. Bear in mind, even most of this disclaimer is ripped off another forum user. Please check out the facts first before doing anything.
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    Got my code Tom thank you
  • kyhkyh Forumite
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    Ok so all change since last week !
    Found out Friday that I am being promoted and new job starts mid August in a completely different location
    So the joy of trying to change SFA at last minute
    Then need to redirect storage and stuff being sent from overseas
    Can't change our return plans as ferry etc all booked and money not refundable
    Also then need to find new schools once address sorted
    Why is nothing simple?!?
    Someone keep me sane - checked the JSP earlier and apparently they have 15 days to allocate is a new house - we will be on the ferry by then!!
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