Wooden Playhouse in Garden flood question

Sorry to ask, because compared to a lot of questions on here this is quite minor.

We were flooded in the kitchen and garden back in June. The kitchen is being dried out, but the insurance company have only just got round to sorting out garden toys and other contents lost in the flood.

We have a two storey wooden wendyhouse and last week we were told it had to be disposed of. The loss adjuster then visited and said it and other garden items eg climbing frame didn't need binning, they just needed to be disinfected and cleaned.

My concern is that wendyhouse was sat 2ft in water for about five days, it has then just been left for 6 weeks, is this going to be okay disinfected or should I push for it to be replaced?

As I said a minor item compared to many but I'm not letting kids play in it at the moment and to be honest I don't know what to do!

I've no idea when they will disinfect as not been given a date yet.

Has anyone had a similar issue with a shed or something?

Many thanks



  • barrymungbarrymung Forumite
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    It should be OK, assuming it's all made of proper timber. Inspect screws and nails that were immersed to see if there are signs of rust.

    However, if the floor is made of OSB then I'd be pushing for a replacement. OSB is a bit like chipboard but is made of strands of wood held together with glue. If it gets wet it tends to soak up lots of moisture and can tend to fall apart.

    There's a pic of OSB here: http://www.wolman.de/imagepool/OSB_Platte_frontal_1.jpg
  • HawthornHawthorn Forumite
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    My Dad is having his shed replaced. Remember that wood absorbs the water, and grime and bacteria, so god only knows what's going to be deep down in the middle of it. I would push for replacement.
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