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Hi All,

We are really at a loss about what to do about the following.

We would like to get an Orangery extension to our detached house but we are totally baffled about it all.

The dimensions we are looking at are 7.0m wide and 3.3m deep (I know it's a large area).

For clarification, the Orangery we would like incorporates a partial flat roof, with a apex window in the middle of it, dwarf walls with windows to the sides and sliding doors to the front.

We have got three quotes, from M.P.N., Securahome and Dunraven.

M.P.N. came out and had a look and without getting a detailed drawing etc, quoted us £25k with free under floor heating and blinds for the windows.

Securahome quoted us £36k including all electric, flooring etc.

Dunraven came over and quoted us £41k. Then within 10 minutes came down to £30k. The very next day a representative called me and asked if I was free for an appointment with the area manager. He came out and went down to £28k before being annoyed that we didn't sign there and then.

My problem is this. I do not mind paying a little more for a better job, but it's hard to know whether to go with the big, ugly corporate (Dunraven), who at least wont go bust on us but may be a nightmare if anything is not up to scratch.

I have mostly dismissed M.P.N. as from what I hear, they declare bankruptcy rather regularly and change their name to avoid guarantees.

Dunraven also worried me, as the sales rep advised that they could complete the job within 2.5 weeks (Securahome have advised 6 weeks, giving 2 weeks for the foundations to settle after being laid). I also know that Dunraven will be using a fibreglass roof, whereas Securahome will be using reinforced timber on the roof, with a lead surround.

Dunraven have also advised that the corners of the orangery do not necessarily need to be brick, and that uPvc all the way around would be enough to support the roof AND someone walking around on it. That doesn't see, right to me.

Does anyone have any experience of dealing with these companies?

Is the extra structural work that Securahome have promised unnecessary, and would Dunraven's structure be ample for what it is?

I am on the verge of buying a large shed and cutting a hole in the roof :mad:

Thank you for any advice!!


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    If you re-title your request Dunraven advice or similar you will probably get more viewers and then more response. Just a thought :)
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    Quite possibly you no longer need views... but for what its worth, I'd use neither of these three. I took quotes from them, and had some similar experiences. MPN gave me a price within 4 minutes of walking through the door without even asking what I wanted!

    Also in my experience, I found these three to be predominantly double glazing salesmen - so that may explain why they are guiding to you to more conservatory and less brick. In addition to the structural stuff, am sure you are aware you may also trade off on warmth.

    For the sort of money you are being quoted (IMO, £30-35k sounds about right for a well priced 7x3 brick build, inc of drawings and planning permission) you should call a specialist.

    I can recomend for price & quality. Basic 5 by 3 was 22k. The free quote included a 3D drawing, basic 2D drawing of how they were going to approach the foundations accompanied with a specification, and the terms of contract.

    I also considered using - found them to be pretty competetive on price, no experience of their work - but I found a large number of online reviews at the time I took a quote from them.

    BTW, If you do not use a corporate you have nothing to fear about a smaller company going bust, provided you read and understand your contract. You ideally should be making stage payments close to each completion phase of work (so you never pay more than you 'have' in terms of build). Also - some of the smaller firms also carry insurance for this. Seem to recall my build was covered by a third party up to £100k..
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